New: Personal Tasks, Activity Log and more

Personal Tasks Every workspace comes with it’s own personal and unique ToDo list. To access your personal ToDo list, click on the info icon at the top right hand corner and navigate to my tasks. Activity Log Every workspace comes with it’s own personal and unique Activity Log. To access the Activity Log, click on the info icon at the … Read More

New: Activity Panel

We are excited to share a brand new feature in Vabotu: the Activity panel.  The Activity panel is a one-stop place to view, respond and prioritize your personalized notifications With the Activity panel, you no longer need to switch between workspaces to see your messages and tasks. You can respond to your messages, view your tasks and task-comments directly within … Read More

New: Message Previews and swipe right to reply

Today, we are thrilled to introduce two new features for heycollab iOS and Android apps: Message Previews via notifications and swiping right on a message (sent from another user) will automatically reply to that message. Message Previews:Message previews allow you to view a preview of the message received. On the lock screen of your phone, if you receive a message … Read More

Get 50GB of FREE storage added to your Vabotu account, here’s how…

Want to get 50GB of free storage added to your vabotu account? Here’s how: 1. If you have not done so, sign up for a Vabotu account here 2. Login to your Vabotu account and click the gift icon at the bottom left hand corner 3. Send out invitations to people you know to sign up for Vabotu. For every … Read More

New: Vabotu is offering its platform for free to teams around the globe

Today, we are super excited to announce that we are opening Vabotu for free to teams around the world. The move aligns with the our mission to support business collaboration at the macro level. “Today, businesses must use a multitude of tools to coordinate their projects and in doing so, waste efficiency, time and extra money. They are integrating a … Read More

New: A brand new Advanced Filter layout and Filter Tasks by Due Date

Today, we’re excited to introduce a brand new look to our filters module in the Task-Boards section of Vabotu and a nifty little feature: Filter Tasks by Due Date. This was a much requested feature from our community. To access this feature please follow these steps: 1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Vabotu (simply restart Vabotu … Read More

New: Copy images from various sources and attach them to your messages

Today we’re excited to release a much requested feature from our valued customers: Copy images from various sources and attach them to your messages, sub-tasks and task-comments inside Vabotu. To do this, follow these steps: To attach a copied image on to a message/sub-task or task-comment: 1. Copy a picture from the web or other sources 2. Click inside the … Read More

New: View documents directly in Vabotu

Today, we are excited to announce that you will be able to open the following document types in Vabotu Web, Mac app, Windows app and mobile app: • Microsoft Excel • MicrosoftWord • Adobe PDF’s and Rich Text Format documents Vabotu helps remote teams work more efficiently with a set of tools designed to improve team messaging, project management and … Read More

New: Create new column from any column menu

Today we’re introducing a nifty little feature: create a new column directly from a column’s menu. This is extremely useful when you have many columns in a board as it will help you create columns faster and in turn you’ll be more efficient.

New: Reply and add Reactions to Task-Comments

We are excited to announce that today you can Reply and Add Reactions to comments in Tasks. This saves you time and helps you improves efficiency as you collaborate on projects with your team. To Reply to a comment in a task follow these steps: 1. Open the Task 2. Hover over the comment you want to reply to and … Read More