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Category Archives: Product Updates

New: In-Messaging My Tasks and Shared Files

Posted on by admin

Today we’re introducing something big: Within your messaging Info pane, you can now see all of your assigned tasks and recently shared files. Furthermore, whenever you have a new notification on a task, that task will push to the top of the list so you can always be on top of things. Note: You may, […]

New: Added new, beautiful and extremely useful reactions

Posted on by admin

We’ve put a lot of thought into these new beautiful reactions. Need to say quickly yes to something, there’s a reaction for that. Want to congratulate someone on doing Good work, there’s a reaction for that to. To add reactions to messages, hover over the reaction icon and select the reaction(s) you want to add […]

New: Add images with comments to subtasks for easy collaboration

Posted on by admin

Today, we’re super thrilled to announce that in Vabotu when you create task and add sub-tasks to it, you can add images to your sub-tasks with comments. This new feature takes project collaboration and feedback to new heights. How does it work: Create a new task, open it and click the + icon to add […]

Show Tasks assigned to me, & Filter by tasks assigned to Member(s) new feature

Posted on by admin

Today we’re excited to introduce a brand new feature, advanced filtering by member and my tasks. When in the task-boards section of Vabotu, if you only want to see the tasks that are assigned to you, simply click the My Tasks button: To filter the task-boards by  tasks assigned to 1 or more members, click […]

Search functionality added to Task-boards in Vabotu

Posted on by admin

We know this was a big request and we’re happy to announce that today you can now search through your tasks in Vabotu task-boards. Simply click the search icon at the top of the boards bar and input a search query. Your tasks will be filtered to only show queries matching your parameters. 1. Click […]

Re-order Sub-tasks in Vabotu

Posted on by admin

Today, we’re excited to introduce the ability to re-order sub-tasks in Vabotu. This is super useful if you want to deem certain sub-task of higher priority than others. The way this works is by simply dragging and dropping sub-tasks. When doing so, make sure to drag from the profile picture of number of subtask.

Introducing task bookmarking in Vabotu

Posted on by admin

We’re excited to introduce a brand new feature in Vabotu: task-bookmarking. Essentially, tasks that you cannot get to right-away, you can bookmark so you remember to come back to later. Here’s how it works:1. Hover over a task and notice the bookmark icon on the top left hand corner of a task2. Click on this […]

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