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An all-in-one platform

Dynamic project management software

with multi-level organization features

Heycollab gives you a clear framework to create a hierarchy of organization for your work.

Opening an account starts a team that offers unlimited workspace folders for each client. Manage all of your client work more easily with impactful features that save you loads of time. 

Everything on board is to help freelancers stay organized, solidify client communication and streamline productivity—a success solution.

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Each client has their own workspace to manage tasks, messages, files and calls

Create cross-functional

workspaces for your clients

When you create a workspace for your client you’ll get a dedicated area for real-time chat, tasks and files. 

Bring your clients into Heycollab for a streamlined communication and planning experience for every project.

Your client-dedicated workspace provides a centralized and efficient home base for all aspects of the project and quickens the overall process so you achieve stellar results faster.

Tasks & calendars work together

Use workspace folders to coordinate everything

Workspace folders hold all of your messages, tasks and files related to that workspace.

You can also add people to workspace folders so that all communications are accessible and organized in one place. 

If your client is a team of people, every person can be added to the workspace folder so their team can collaborate with you more easily. 

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Chat+Video calling

Uplevel client communication with platform chat + video calls

Use our dynamic project management software for easy communication that stays attached to the right workspace.

Simplify your freelance project management by starting video calls on Heycollab, with full capability for recording, screen-sharing and more.

There’s no need for external links – just connect. By having a place for quick collaboration, your work gets done faster and your clients stay satisfied.

View tasks in board, list, calendar or timeline view

Keep your project views fresh and

always updated with powerful tasks

All of your freelance work can be managed from a board view, where tasks can be labeled, assigned and organized. 

Time-tracking is also available so billables become more streamlined and efficient. Flex your project view for different perspectives so that you and your client can view the up-to-minute status of any project.

Our freelance business management software positions you to focus on clients by giving you organizational tools at your fingertips. Your time is your money, and we help you optimize both. 

Dashboards to manage tasks and teams

Utilize My Tasks and My Team to

assess capacity and progress

Stay on top of all of your assigned work across workspaces so you never miss a deadline.

We understand that freelancers frequently need to juggle multiple priorities at once and My Tasks is an incredible tool to keep everything in order. 

No matter how complex the projects become, you can perform at your highest capacity with the power of a project management tool on your side. 

Tasks & calendars work together

Set roles and

build teams as you need

Invite your clients as guests to the platform, assigning roles like member, manager or admin to empower clients for project input. 

Guests are always free to the platform and they will love the flexibility and  streamlined collaboration. Productivity soars when clients join you on Heycollab for a centralized source of work management. 

You will always enjoy a clear and organized project resource if you need to revisit collateral or samples to win future work. Change the roles of any team member at any time to maintain full oversight and control of our project.

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Dashboards to manage tasks and teams

Import and integrate

your tools to one place

Freelancers who like other tools like Slack, Trello, Clickup, Google Docs and DropBox can bring everything over to Heycollab for an easier, all-in-one experience.

Simplify work with fewer subscriptions or accounts and get the best of all worlds in one place with Heycollab.

Switch to Heycollab and save thousands

Replace Zoom, Slack, Asana, Harvest, Dropbox, & Confluence


Heycollab replaces









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10 users


20 users


30 users











Time Tracking


Unlimited Storage



TOTAL /month

1 user


10 users


20 users


30 users


*Please note that the platforms mentioned and the information provided in relation to Heycollab’s features and cost-effectiveness are subject to change.


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