Extend task functionality

and customize your workspace

Customize with fields & labels


customization of workflows

Every workspace becomes more fluid and focused with customization that lets teams generate highly specified labels and fields to group actionable tasks.

Manage anything better by adding distinct clarity with fields such as dates, contact numbers, drop-downs, files, locations or people.

Projects are more dynamic, functional and clear for better team output.

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Track progress with custom fields

Organize work better

Apply project management tool labels as virtual sticky notes to spark team action.

By adding visual tags on tasks, the entire team understands priorities and progress.

EX: Managers can generate a custom tag called “progress” and create not started, in progress, and complete attributes for cohesive workspace messaging.

Any label, any need—add clarity to accelerate communication and outcomes. 

Search and filter through custom fields

Filter with ease

for improved output

Sort and sift through vast amounts of information using project management tool tags to quickly filter key markers.

With advanced search capability, a user can rapidly find any custom field, gaining quick insights into task scope and progress.

Save time and accelerate to project goals.

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Various custom field-types

Unlimited field flexibility for any project

Create custom fields such as checkboxes, dates, drop-downs, numbers or even free text.

Users have autonomy to coordinate and arrange custom features, so no matter the use case, Heycollab works.

With unlimited options, any project becomes more manageable and team communication thrives. 

Add custom fields to tasks

Custom labels

improve team coordination

Add labels to tasks in any workspace so work tabs stay neat and orderly.

When members add labels to their own tasks, managers or Admin can swiftly view all work tasks nested under one label. Maintain an overview assessment of important metrics and performance to identify strengths and weaknesses as the project evolves.

Custom labels keep the team communicating well without spending unnecessary time gathering feedback. 

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more features

Get more to-dos to DONE with our easy & affordable project management app that streamlines every facet of work.


Heycollab is transforming teams: Our users share their experiences of increased efficiency and streamlined collaboration, all thanks to our integrated suite of productivity tools.

Leading teams use Heycollab custom fields + labels for a clearer path to success.

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