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Tasks, Docs, Chat and Video calls plus unlimited storage

Create a shareable curriculum that

makes teaching easier and reaches students faster

Develop high-quality coursework aligned with a clear syllabus and knowledge base docs.

Your students will benefit from a cohesive curriculum with accessible resources that are nicely organized and easily viewable. Field fewer student questions by including clear lecture details.

Attach dues dates, lesson plans and notes to your tasks for clarified communication. Save hours of time with our industry-leading project management software for educators. Feature-rich docs encourage integrative learning to help educators and students achieve more.

Tasks & calendars work together

Stay on track with powerful calendar and schedule features

Organize important dates and deadlines for easy viewing and notifications. View days, weeks, or months at a glance with Heycollab’s flexible calendars.

Use drag and drop features to schedule classes and exams so key dates stay top of mind. Create actionable tasks for calendars to increase readiness and success.

Unlimited space and dedicated files and folders section

Use chat+video, files, folders and collaborative docs to boost productivity and connect more readily

Create dynamic workspaces with built-in features like chat + video calls, files, folders, and collaborative docs.

Consult with your peers more easily and keep the team informed by setting notifications and creating tasks. Get visual collaboration on tasks and bring the team together at any time.

Connect your email to Heycollab for enhanced communication features such as creating tasks out of emails, sending emails as messages and much more. Save loads of time and make a bigger impact along the way.

An all-in-one solution for educators

A complete course

management solution

Organize and streamline every aspect of course management with our easy-to-implement Heycollab platform.

Simplify administrative duties with a comprehensive, all-in-one application.

Replace or augment your student information system with Heycollab’s work management platform so administrative tasks become easier and everything stays highly organized.

Create board templates to speed up workflow

Create education templates that help you work better

Set up customized education templates that streamline work so that you reach target outcomes at a faster pace.

Organize tasks in columns with clear details and attachments to keep processes clear and focused.

Any boards you create can be saved with custom, descriptive names and easily applied to other workspaces.

There’s no need to repeat work; your education templates are dynamic and reusable in future workspaces and projects. 

Heycollab works well with other tools

Import and integrate your

tools together now with Heycollab

Bring your favorite tools together on Heycollab for a comprehensive success solution at work.

Import and integrate with Slack, Asana, Clickup, Trello and more to keep communications and tasks going.

We smoothly integrate with DropBox and Google Drive so you get the best of all the worlds in one place —Heycollab. 

Switch to Heycollab and save thousands

Replace Zoom, Slack, Asana, Harvest, Dropbox, & Confluence


Heycollab replaces









TOTAL /month

1 user


10 users


20 users


30 users











Time Tracking


Unlimited Storage



TOTAL /month

1 user


10 users


20 users


30 users


*Please note that the platforms mentioned and the information provided in relation to Heycollab’s features and cost-effectiveness are subject to change.


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