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to manage time.

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Track time on individual tasks

Easily track time

across tasks

Simply click the play button for instant time tracking that integrates across workspaces and tasks for automated ease. 

Users can input time manually, make adjustments or visualize progress towards set hourly goals. 

Heycollab offers a one-click project management tool with time-tracking so all your data stays in one place. 

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Time reports



View time estimates and assess project efficiency with workspace reports.

View hours spent towards specific tasks or generate time reports for specific team members. Check on the progress of individuals and reconcile data with projected estimates.

Reports can be organized by day or by week for custom viewing and prospective time budgeting. 

Conduct video calls, record and share your screen

Customize with hourly rates

Create budget-savvy time reports based on specific hourly rates assigned to different team members. 

Customize as needed to keep reporting up to date. 

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View and Export time reports

Export reports for tasks, workspaces or teams

View, generate and export time reports for your entire team.

See time-tracked at a task, workspace or team level. Get insights into comprehensive team time spent by exporting team-wide reports that provide financial insights that shape decisions. 

Bookmark links to the top of your workspace

Filter time tracking reports

The first step is to analyze project benchmarks to identify any areas of over or underutilization.

Once these areas have been identified, the next step is to adjust team efforts accordingly. To do this, time-tracking reports can be used to filter data by workspace, task, or user. 

Based on this information, team efforts can be reconfigured to optimize efficiency and productivity.

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