Connecting teams helps to

bring brilliant marketing to life

All the tools you need, all in one place

Cross-functional teams collaborate here

With everything you need a few clicks away, marketing teams innovate faster to command their industry.

Collaborate across docs, tasks, images and messages to build and execute a high-level strategy.

Bring new ideas to the table and get instant feedback to create a winning marketing plan. 

Tasks viewable in board, list, calendar and timeline views

A clear timeline to

hit your goals

Easily visualize your entire project timeline so every team member is keenly aware of campaign progress.

With actionable tasks that are instantly viewable in calendar or timeline view, marketers know exactly when to launch and implement.

Assess campaign expansion and make key decisions that shape collateral to optimize conversions.

Visual feedback built in

Give visual feedback to perfectly refine your creatives

Assign tasks, subtasks and child-subtasks to team members to differentiate priorities for every step.

Marketers can proof, markup and approve files faster with actionable visual feedback.

Turn landing page mockups into a canvas for feedback with visual comments that enhance collaboration. 

Chat + Video Calling

Collaborate in the moment with real-time messaging and video calling

Shift from multi-step communication to one-click ease with integrated video calling and instant chat to smoothen team collaboration.

Messages from meetings transform into actionable tasks while files and folders keep organization high.

Remote team members stream right into important meetings with access to all of your favorite features like group video calling, screen-sharing, call recording and instant polls. 

Create reusable templates

Create beautiful workflow templates to simplify marketing

Reusable workflow templates can be quickly shared and applied across workspaces so marketing teams get a running start to success.

With limitless design, templates can mirror workflows for exciting campaign tracking and promotional calendars. Build templates for content calendars so the entire team keeps dates and details top of mind.

Use templates for graphic design needs, SEO and more, in fact any marketing collateral you can imagine, Heycollab’s templates perform. 

Unlimited storage + files and folders

The most useful

files and folders for marketing teams

Marketers need ultimate organization to stay on pace with a constantly evolving marketing industry.

Powerful folders with files and subsections provide limitless storage that can be shared quickly with the entire marketing team.

Keep campaigns tight, responsive and growing with a powerful organization framework that accelerates productivity.

Send your e-mails to Heycollab as messages or tasks

Transform emails into messages
for faster communication

Every email becomes a source of business communication and planning when you turn emails into messages.

Save steps and get to the crux of business strategy with flexible and power packed email capability.

Speed towards your goals and never lose sight of the business metrics that matter.


Heycollab plays nice with others

Enjoy streamlined

workflows with more integrations

Students can merge communication and tasks from other platforms like Trello, Asana, Clickup and Slack to build an end-to-end solution for optimized work.

Use Google Drive and DropBox anytime you need for a perfect fit collaboration with our leading platform.


more features

Get more to-dos to DONE with our easy & affordable project management app that streamlines every facet of work.


Heycollab is transforming teams: Our users share their experiences of increased efficiency and streamlined collaboration, all thanks to our integrated suite of productivity tools.

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