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Chat with your team

Keep projects flowing and on track without endless email chains.

Team group chat

Keep your remote team connected and in unison with real time messaging.

Easy project collaboration

Remove the clutter and see only what you need for each project. Discussions are organized and effortlessly collaborative.

Task from message

Stay up to date and organized. Go ahead and peek at that message. Keep a pulse on what’s happening without losing visibility.

Save messages

Your most important messages are saved and quickly accessible for whenever you need them.

Plan and organize
projects & people

Effortless organization with collaborative workspaces for every project. Everything you need in one dedicated space.

Quickly organize tasks

Quickly create board templates to organize tasks, manage workloads, and keep work moving forward.

Manage deadlines

Powerful visibility to track projects and stay on track. Assign owners, set due dates, organize with labels, and track your time.


Assign visibility & access to team members

Use pre-built roles to easily give team members, managers, and guests the right level of visibility to projects.

Unlimited storage

Everything you need in one place. Unlimited file storage means all your files documents & folders are accessible without ever leaving HeyCollab.

Organize your files

Create folders, share files, attach to messages, leave a comment, save for easy access when you need it, and download files.

Fast visibility to your tasks

Fast visibility to view your tasks, team member’s tasks, and team workload to stay on track and deliver on time.

Manage team workload

Quickly see who needs more work or less work and get fast visibility to project statuses to keep everything moving forward.

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