Lead teams with better

 performance management tools

My team & My tasks sections

Get a top-down dashboard view

Admins and managers can readily assess task progress for individual team members or get an overview of all projects from the easy access command center.

Get powerful real-time insights to shape decisions and manage resources. Identify people or assets that are over or underutilized and pivot quickly to stay on track. 

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Create tasks across your team from one place

Better outreach

across teams

Create and assign tasks globally to optimize team efficiency and results.

Distribute your team’s workload quickly across channels, knowing that every user is receiving clear messaging on important matters.

Bring the whole team together across workspaces —on an easy to navigate dashboard that empowers your team to stay at the forefront of project progress.

My team section

A dedicated 

My Team section

Paid users will receive access to My Team on the dashboard, to neatly organize and track all tasks assigned across the team and through all workspaces.

A centralized and personalized dashboard keeps team members grounded in high-priority and upcoming deadlines to support high-level performance benchmarks.

My Team
My tasks (1)

My team global tasks & lists

Organize lists

in one central place

Creating lists on the My tasks dashboard gives users a strategic view of to-dos for any tasks across the entire team.

Track progress for complex multi-step workflows with easily viewable lists that attract attention to the most pressing tasks.

Keep work ultra-organized and enjoy customized formatting and color-coding that brings lists to life.

My team dashboard


team management

Managers and admins get access to My Team sections for specific members and can monitor assigned tasks across workspaces.

The Heycollab dashboard positions teams to stay in the loop, work at the cutting-edge of innovation, and stay on track for success.

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more features

Get more to-dos to DONE with our easy & affordable project management app that streamlines every facet of work.


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