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At Heycollab, we’ve been in your shoes ( we all start somewhere!) and we recognize the leap you are taking.

We’re here to help and we know our software will help you stay organized, communicate better and collaborate more efficiently as your business grows.

To be eligible:

  • You must have a minimum of 10 active members in Heycollab.
  • Your $6,000 credit should be used within a 12-month period.
  • To qualify and proceed, book an interview call.

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Manage your team in the My team section

Bring big ideas and top talent together

to enhance team productivity

Manage your entire growing team in one place with dedicated workspaces that can flex to any task.

 Build your organization from a centralized mission control that oversees, tracks and plans your strategy. 

Create product roadmaps, schedule key meetings and clearly delegate tasks to team members for actionable effort. 

Create workspaces for projects, departments and more

We keep pace with you in organized workspaces

No matter where you are starting, Heycollab positions you for premier scalable growth on your terms.

Enjoy organized workspaces that are readily expandable as you add more team members or tackle increasingly complex projects. 

Use real-time chat or add tasks and files to customize each facet of the workspace and leverage limitless expanse as you grow. Stay organized and agile as you launch towards success.

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Create rich collaborative docs

Collaborative docs enhance

communication and growth

Bring your team together to share high-level overviews and build clear strategies to nurture growth.

Reach every person on your team with collaborative docs that bring ideas to life and allow visual feedback on images.

Communication flows freely between all levels  with tasks, subtasks and child-subtasks to keep every single team member informed and accountable. 

Time tracking, reports and more

Carefully manage your project hours

with time tracking

Make your money work hard for your startup with a close eye on every team members’ time so that you can redirect utilization as needed.

Managers can view daily, weekly or monthly breakdowns of time and money spent across projects for a quick assessment of overhead.

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Send your emails to Heycollab + Video calling

Communicate with ease using

in-built video calls and emails

Emails go directly into Heycollab workspaces for easy tracking and task creation. Mention team members to draw attention to high-priority tasks and stay neatly organized as the workload amplifies.

Build high-value processes that sharpen workflows for streamlined output. Schedule and launch video calls without leaving the platform for quick team interface and planning. 

Time tracking, reports and more

Create custom templates

to save time

Access smart project templates with built-in features that save you time.

Execute ideas faster, saving money and resources during development , as teams reach their goals more quickly. 

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We play nice with others

Integrate and bring more tools

to one place for every project

Teams can bring communication and tasks from other platforms like Asana, Slack, Trello, Clickup and more to effortlessly move their work forward. Import files to our limitless storage and access DropBox or Google Drive as needed for a fully integrated management experience. 

Switch to Heycollab and save thousands

Replace Zoom, Slack, Asana, Harvest, Dropbox, & Confluence


Heycollab replaces









TOTAL /month

1 user


10 users


20 users


30 users











Time Tracking


Unlimited Storage



TOTAL /month

1 user


10 users


20 users


30 users


*Please note that the platforms mentioned and the information provided in relation to Heycollab’s features and cost-effectiveness are subject to change.


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