Instant team connection

with real-time chat

Chat 1:1 or as a group

Chat brings

people together

Each workspace has built-in smart messaging and real-time chat to smoothen team communication.

Chat with anyone 1:1 or as a team in real-time and streamline progress with action item tasks and docs that are shared instantly.

Chat brings people together
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Create tasks from messages

Effortlessly manage

your to-dos

Easily transform chat messages into actionable tasks that can be assigned and tracked.

Tag individuals or groups, assign comments or even link new tasks together to create a blueprint for team progress.

Chat messages can transform into benchmarks and priorities that are shareable and trackable. 

Conduct video calls, record and share your screen

Integrated video calls that fast-track meetings

With more globalized teams and hybrid/remote on the rise, reliable video calls are critical to team planning and management.

There’s no need to go off platform to get the premium video features you need. Enjoy state-of-the-art, easily scheduled video calls that bring teams together and make work happen. 

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Pin important messages to the top of your workspace

Important messages

stay top of mind

Easily pin crucial messages to the top of a workspace for priority revisiting. Everyone on the team views key progress and deadlines so nothing gets missed.

Users can respond in-line form within pinned messages to quickly sort important information. 

Bookmark links to the top of your workspace

Boost productivity

with easy access

Important links go to the top of a workspace so team members keep focused on pressing matters.

Polls can be pinned to the top of the workspace to assess reactions more quickly without needing to search and sort through messages.  

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View all notification in one panel

Stay on top of

unread messages

Never miss another message, and keep unread messages flagged for future followup. 

Stay informed at every step to better manage along the way.

Save messages in saved items

Keep important messages at your fingertips

The saved items section is an easy-to- access location to keep messages that matter.

Always know where to find what you need and get back to saved items with search-ability features. Our file sharing software is developed to make work flow easier and to keep important information right at your fingertips. 

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more features

Get more to-dos to DONE with our easy & affordable project management app that streamlines every facet of work.


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