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Chat + Video Calls

Enhance team productivity with dedicated, communication-ready workspaces

Build your business with project management software for entrepreneurs that streamlines every aspect of work so you race past your goals.

Invite your clients and teams into Heycollab for a work experience fueled by collaboration and organization.

Create public or private workspaces for departments, projects or clients— there’s no limit to the level of flexibility. Each workspace has dedicated messaging, tasks and files, so all team members have an accessible place to locate project details.

Save time on tasks by keeping everything in one platform and watch productivity soar. 

Tasks viewable in board, list, calendar and timeline views

Access your tasks across multiple

views for project development

Visualize tasks in multiple formats to get a multi-angle assessment of project status and priorities.

Teams can view detailed tasks in Dashboard, List, Calendar and Timeline views to stay organized and pivot their strategy.

Enjoy comprehensive planning and execution all in one place to get more projects to the finish line, faster. 

Collaborative docs

Harness the power of teamwork with collaborative docs

Always know you’re getting the full picture from your team when you work in collaborative docs that leave time and space for everyone to contribute.

Gather feedback, steer progress and assess tasks with easy access folders and subsections that spell everything out.

Make messages actionable across the platform to increase team collaboration and productivity. 


Video Calling, screen sharing, call recording & more

Connect the team anytime with high-quality video and messaging

It’s never been easier for founders and CEOs to call a team meeting than in our collaborative platform.

Access all necessary tools like real-time messaging, high-quality video calling, screen sharing and recordings.

Create instant polls to gather actionable insights right away. Lead more effectively with the support and flexibility of premier communication in an all-inclusive workspace..

Create reusable templates

Fast-track business growth with professional templates made your way

Workflow templates help businesses onboard, track and grow for a streamlined and cohesive business strategy.

Use templates for flexible content calendars, campaign tracking, graphic design, promo calendars and marketing assessments like SEO management.

Once you create them, templates are reusable and can always be shared across workspaces. 

Unlimited storage + files and folders

Work confidently with

organized files and folders close at hand

Your team aligns better when your work is aligned. Keep files and folders smartly organized in one place breaking things down into subsections.

Make any task actionable across the platform with easy click sharing that traverses the workspace.

Enjoy unlimited file storage knowing no matter how big you grow, we’ve got your back—and your files for safekeeping.

Send your e-mails to Heycollab as messages or tasks

Transform emails into messages
for faster communication

Every email becomes a source of business communication and planning when you turn emails into messages.

Save steps and get to the crux of business strategy with flexible and power packed email capability.

Speed towards your goals and never lose sight of the business metrics that matter.


Heycollab plays nice with others

Have project management tools you like? Bring ‘em over.

We work well with all your favorite tools like Slack, Asana, Trello, Clickup, Monday and more. Google Drive and DropBox are welcome here too!

Heycollab lets you keep everything in one space for focused strategy and project success. See us work and you’ll never go back.


more features

Get more to-dos to DONE with our easy & affordable project management app that streamlines every facet of work.


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