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Find everything you need to succeed with our affordable business process management tool.

Stay connected to clients and customers with chat + video calls and utilize powerful messaging features for instant collaboration.

Running a business requires strong organization so we back you up with features like tasks, small business time tracking, document creation and file sharing that is as easy as one-click.

Spend more time on business and less time on hassles when you incorporate Heycollab in your day-to-day duties.

To be eligible:

  • You must have a minimum of 10 active members in Heycollab.
  • Your $6,000 credit should be used within a 12-month period.
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Manage your team and tasks from one place

My Tasks and My Team keep

everyone focused on business

The My Tasks feature gives small business owners a one-stop shop for priorities that need attention to keep operations running smoothly.

Stay on top of your work and meet all your deadlines. No matter how busy you get, remain laser focused and driven towards business success.

Manage your entire team from one Dashboard so that you save time and build a shared purpose amongst your team.

Real-time chat and video calling

Schedule meetings with prospects with

integrated chat + video

Our collaboration software allows users to swiftly engage with high-quality communication tools like real-time chat and premium video calls. 

Save hours of time with the convenience of communication integrated straight to the tasks and timelines that matter. And you know what they say…time is money!

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Workspaces help organize tasks, messages and files

Use workspaces to keep your business on track

Create public or private workspaces for business projects or clients— there’s no limit to the flexibility. 

Each workspace has unlimited messaging, tasks and files, so all users have an accessible place to locate project details. Save loads of work time on tasks by keeping everything in one platform.

Enjoy turnaround of launch to success when you equip your team with the right Heycollab tools.

Send your e-mails to Heycollab as messages or tasks

Transform emails into messages

for faster communication

Every email becomes a source of business communication and planning when you turn emails into messages.

Save steps and get to the crux of business strategy with flexible and power packed email capability.

Speed towards your goals and never lose sight of the business metrics that matter.

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Powerful roles and permissions

Set roles and permissions for every client

Invite clients into the platform to build an engaged and productive hub for all of the work you need to do.

Small business owners control the roles of any member to either Member, Manager or Admin and can further customize the functions that each invitee can perform inside the platform.

Stay on top of managing everything and everyone with more ease. Be confident you’re steering the team. 

Heycollab plays nice with others

Full import and integration

capability for smooth transitions

Businesses that use tools such as Slack, Asana, Trello, Clickup, Monday, Google Drive and DropBox can bring their past work right into Heycollab! 

Our top small business project management software keeps everything in one space for a well-developed and streamlined strategy towards project success.

Switch to Heycollab and save thousands

Replace Zoom, Slack, Asana, Harvest, Dropbox, & Confluence


Heycollab replaces









TOTAL /month

1 user


10 users


20 users


30 users











Time Tracking


Unlimited Storage



TOTAL /month

1 user


10 users


20 users


30 users


*Please note that the platforms mentioned and the information provided in relation to Heycollab’s features and cost-effectiveness are subject to change.


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