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What is Vabotu?
Vabotu is a project coordination platform for teams that offers team messaging, project management, collaboration and online storage in one easy to use tool.

Is there a free version of vabotu?
Yes, you may signup for the free of Vabotu here.

What features does Vabotu offer?
Vabotu offers Team Messaging, Tasks and Project Management, Collaboration and Online Storage.

For a list of features and product comparison, please see chart below:

Why Should my team use Vabotu?

Nowadays teams are required to use several tools to communicate, share files, manage projects and collaborate. Tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, Dropbox, InVision and GotoMeeting among others. By using a multitude of tools, teams waste 40% in efficiency, 50% in productivity plus they pay high subscription prices.

How do you bring it all together? That’s what we do. Vabotu is one product that combines the tools every team needs to efficiently coordinate projects at a 60% cost reduction.

How do I get started in Vabotu?
To get started with Vabotu, select from one of the plans here

What devices is Vabotu available on?
Vabotu is now available as a MacWindows iOS and Android and Web app. The web app may be accessed via these web browsers: Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, across Mac and PC.

What browsers are supported?
Vabotu is supported across Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

What operating systems are supported?
Vabotu is supported across Mac, PC, iOS and Android & and via the Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Using Vabotu

Getting Started with Vabotu?
To get started with Vabotu, you’ll first need to select one of the plans listed here.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll want to create one or more workspaces. Each workspace comes with its own messaging, task boards and online storage.

Next invite one ore more people to your company.

Start messaging, planning your projects, creating tasks and collaborating. Here’s a quick overview of how teams around the globe are using Vabotu.

The Vabotu Interface
Vabotu is divided into 3-sections:
1. Messaging
2. Task-boards
3. Online Storage

To get us started, we’ll take a look at each one these sections individually.


By default when logging in or signing up you’ll land in the messaging section of Vabotu in the General Workspace. (Each workspace in Vabotu comes with it’s own messaging, task-boards and online-storage)

Left Column
Starting from the left hand side, we have the left column that holds several menus, a filter and our workspaces.

Toggle Open/Close Left Column
At the top left of this column there’s the toggle open and close icon. This will open/close this left side column giving you plenty of space for your messaging, tasks and online storage.

Company Menu
To the right of the toggle button, clicking on the company name will bring up a menu hosting functions to:
• Sign in to another company (You can sign-up with Vabotu and create multiple companies. Note that each company will have its own billing and user-base)
• Toggle between companies that you are signed in with

Workspace Filer
Below the company menu there’s the workspace filter. Simply start typing the workspace name in this field and the workspace underneath will filter accordingly. This is extremely helpful as your company grows and you have several workspaces.

Workspace Headers
You’ll notice 3 headers labeled:
1. Preferred
2. Public
3. Private
4. People

Each of these menus are collapsible and they host the respective workspaces. Preferred includes workspaces that you’ve added to this list. Public hosts all of your public workspaces where team members may join without permission. Private workspace hosts your private workspaces where team-members require an invite to join. People are your one-on-one private conversations with your team.

Workspace Details – Hover
When you hover over a workspace you’ll see a menu expanding that includes icons for messaging, task-boards and online storage:

Click either of these icons to go into the respective area for this particular workspace. The icon will turn green, signifying you are now in this section of the workspace. Below see the task-boards icon activated:

Bottom Menu Nav
The last section in the left hand column includes menus for:
1. Profile
2. Settings
3. Notifications
4. Invite People

Clicking on the profile picture will all you to Edit your profile and Sign Out of this company

The settings menu will allow you to View and change/update data as it relates to:
• Company
• Storage Options
• Administration
• Manage Members
• Roles & Permissions
• Change Password
• Notification Settings
• Legal

The last menu item in the left hand column is the invite people button. Clicking this button will bring up a modal window that will allow you to invite one ore more people to your company across one ore more workspaces.

Messaging Main Area
The middle portion of the messaging area is where messaging happens.


What is a Company in Vabotu?
A company holds all your workspaces, boards and media files. When you create an account, you also create a company. You can only have 1 company registered/account, but you may have several companies registered with the same e-mail address.

Each company has it’s own subscription and unique plan settings.

Inviting people to a company in Vabotu
To invite people to a company in Vabotu follow these steps:

  1. Click the Invite people button found at the bottom left hand corder of the screen. The following popup will come up:
  2. Input the e-mail address of one or multiple people you wish to invite. Separate each e-mail address by a space, comma or tab. Select the workspace(s) to which you wish to invite these users to.
  3. Click send and you’re all done!

Removing members from a company in Vabotu
To remove members from a company in Vabotu, follow these steps:

  1. Click the settings icon found at the top right hand corder of the screen and select Manage Members:
  2. Select the users you wish to delete from the list below:
  3. Click the options button and select Delete Selected Users options

How to Cancel your Vabotu account?
Please note that canceling/closing your account will delete all of your data including messages, task-boards and files. This process is reversible.

To cancel your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your account and click on the profile icon in the bottom left hand corner
  2. Select Administration
  3. Scroll down and select Close Account
  4. Fill out the form and click Close Account.

How to Purchase Vabotu?
To purchase Vabotu, follow these 3-easy steps:

  1. Log on to your account and click on Upgrade in the bottom left hand corner
  2. Select the plan you wish to sign up for
  3. Input your payment information

Creating a company in Vabotu

  1. To create a company in Vabotu visit: vabotuapp.com and click on Create Company.
  2. Enter your e-mail address. Make sure, this is an inbox you can access for the next step.
  3. Check your e-mail for a 5-digit verification code which should look like this:

    If you do not receive an e-mail within 1 minute, you’ll have the option to resend the Verification code.
  4. In the next step, input your First and Last name, username (Usernames must be all lowercase, with no spaces. They can only contain letters, numbers, periods, hyphens, and underscores.) and set your password ( Password must be at least 8 characters including: 1+ uppercase letters (A, B, C) 1+ special characters (&,!,@) 1+ numeric characters (1,2,3))

  5. Fill out how you will use Vabotu including what you will use vabotu for, what kind of company is it and how big is your company.
  6. Enter your Company Name and URL address. Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of use.
  7. For this last step you may copy the link provided. With this link you may invite others to your new company in Vabotu. In the 2nd input field, type in the e-mail addresses of the people you want to invite to vabotu. You may enter several e-mail addresses separated by comma. Click done and you’re all done. If you don’t want to fill out any of the info, you may click skip.


What are Workspaces in Vabotu?
A workspace in Vabotu is where instant messaging, tasks and collaboration happens. Workspaces are organized by 3-tabs hosted underneath each workspace. Collaboration, Boards and Media. The Collaboration Workspace is where instant Messaging Happens and you may access it by clicking the Collaboration icon underneath your workspace.
The Boards icon hosts all of your tasks for the currently selected workspace. You may create multiple boards for each workspace.

The Media icon hosts all of the files shared or uploaded within this workspace.

Regardless which icon you are on, Collaboration, Boards or Media, you may toggle between workspaces on the left side menu to see that workspace’s contents.

Creating a Private Workspace in Vabotu
To create a private workspace in Vabotu, click the + icon next to Private Workspaces on the left hand sidebar.

From the popup window, input your workspace name and (optional) a brief description. Click Create workspace and you’re all done.

Editing workspace settings in Vabotu
To edit the settings of an existing workspace in Vabotu click the more menu from the top right hand corner of the messaging window:

From the pop-up menu select Edit Workspace Settings:

From this pop-up window you may update the workspace settings. You may:
• Make the workspace public/private by clicking the toggle button:

• Update the workspace name/label
• Update the workspace description

Once all updates are completed, click the update workspace button and you’re all done.

Joining a Public Workspace in Vabotu
To join a Public Workspace in Vabotu click on the + icon next to the Public Workspaces label in the left sidebar and select Join a Public Workspace:

From the pop up, input the name of the workspace you want to join or select from the list below:

Filtering through workspaces & people in Vabotu
To filter through your workspaces & people in Vabotu, start typing the workspace name in the filter input box found at the top of your left hand sidebar:

Removing members from a workspace in Vabotu
To remove a member from from a workspace in Vabotu, hover over that member’s profile picture in the members section, in the info bar found on the right hand side. You will see an x icon on the top right hand corner of their profile picture:

Click the x icon and they will be removed from this workspace.

Creating a Public workspace in Vabotu
To create a public workspace in Vabotu, click the + icon on the right hand side of the Public Workspaces heading in the left hand sidebar.

From the popup window, input your workspace name and (optional) a brief description. Click Create workspace and you’re all done.

Deleting a Workspace in Vabotu
You may delete a workspace in Vabotu only if you are an admin or a manager. To delete a workspace, first of all, make sure you are in the collaboration icon of that workspace, then click the 3-dot menu on the top right hand corner of the messaging window (right next to the add workspace to favorites icon)

If you are not seeing the following menu (see screenshot below) than you are not an admin or a manager. To delete the workspace, select delete workspace from the dropdown menu:

Confirm delete from the pop-up menu and you’re all done!

Leaving a workspace in Vabotu
When you leave a workspace in Vabotu, you will be removed from that workspace and it will no longer show in your left sidebar. You still are.

To leave a workspace click 3-dot menu on the top right hand corner of the messaging window as show below:

From the drop-down menu select Leave this Workspace and you’re all done.

Preferred Workspaces in Vabotu
In Vabotu, you may add any public or private workspace to the Preferred Workspaces list. To add a workspace to the preferred Workspaces, click the heart icon in the top bar of the messaging window:

Once you’ve done that, your workspace will show in the Preferred Workspaces list.

To remove a workspace from the Preferred Workspaces list, click the same heart icon.

Inviting members to a workspace in Vabotu
To invite members to a private or public workspace in Vabotu, click the + icon in the members section found in the right info sidebar:

From the popup list, select the members you wish to add to this workspace:

Each member you’ve added, will receive a notification e-mail informing them that they’ve been added to this workspace.


Writing a message in Vabotu
To write a message in Vabotu, start typing inside the input box found in the top section of the messages window. As you start typing, the send button will turn pink and you will be able to send your message:

You may quickly send your message by pressing enter/return on your keyboard. To start writing a new line of text inside the input box, press shift+enter. Pressing shift+enter will not send your message but allow you to continue writing and formatting your text as you wish.

Deleting/Removing a sent message in Vabotu
To delete a sent message in Vabotu, click the trash/delete icon found on the right hand side of the written message as shown bellow:

Share a sent message in Vabotu
To share a sent message in Vabotu, click the share icon found on the right hand side of the written message as shown bellow:

A pop up box will appear as shown bellow:

You can also tag your team mates while you share the message and they will be notified accordingly, please see picture below:

Click share when your message is done editing, and voilà, the editing is complete:

Formatting your message in Vabotu
In Vabotu you can format your messages by:
• Setting you text to bold
• Italicizing your text
• Inserting links into words

To set your text to bold, italicize or insert a link, start by selecting the text you wish to bold/italicize/insert link into. Then press the font icon found on the right hand side of the message input window as shown below:

From here select either the B icon to bold text, the icon to italicize text or the link icon to insert a link inside your text.

If you wish to use shortcuts, simply highlight the text you wish you bold or italicize and press command+b to bold, command+i to italicize or command+k to insert a link.

Searching through messages in Vabotu
To search through your messages in a workspace in Vabotu, start by clicking on the search icon found on the top bar, above the message input box:

Next, input your search query inside the search box and press enter on your keyboard

To close the search query, click the x icon at the end of the search input field.

Filtering through messages in Vabotu
Vabotu allows you to filter through your messages by members or date. To filter through your messages in Vabotu, click the filter icon found on the top bar, above the message input field:

To filter your messages by a member, click the Select Member dropdown menu and select the member you wish to see the messages from:

The messages will be filtered accordingly underneath. To clear your search query, click the “See All Messages” button on the right hand corner, below the message input box:

To filter your messages by date in Vabotu, click the “Show Messages from Date to Date”:

The popup modal, shows two calendars. The left calendar is your start date and the right your end date. Start by selecting a date in the start date and a date in the end date.

When ready, click apply and your messages will filter accordingly:

Editing your message in Vabotu
Once you’ve sent your message, you may edit the sent message by pressing the edit message icon as shown below:

Once you’ve clicked this icon, a pop-up window will come up. Edit your message inside this window and once done click the save button. Please see screen below as reference:

Adding emojis in Vabotu
To add emojis in Vabotu, click the emoji icon found on the right hand side of the messages input window:

Simply select the emoji you want to have it inserted inside your message.

You may also use shortcuts like 🙂 for happy face to quickly add emojis to your messages.

Adding files to a message in Vabotu
You may add up to 10 files at the time with your message in Vabotu. To add files, start by clicking the + icon to the left of the message input box as shown below:

Next, drag the files you wish to add on top of the pop-up window. You may also click on the “click here” verbiage to browse through your files. Your uploaded files will show on the right hand side of the pop-up window like this:

You may scroll through the files on the right hand side. To delete any of the files added, click the x icon on top right hand corner of each file. Once completed, you may click the done button to add a message with your files:

You may view the thumbnails of your images by clicking on the verbiage: Attachments(10). Click this again to hide the thumbnails.

You may scroll to the right to see images hidden. To delete any of the images, click on the x icon on the top right hand corner of each image. When ready, click send or press the return button and you’re all done.

Mentioning members in your messages in Vabotu
You may mention members of a workspace in your messages in Vabotu. To do this use the “@”. When you insert the @sybmol, a list of members subscribed to this workspace will pop up:

Select the user you wish to mention and continue writing your message. When message is posted, the member mentioned will receive an e-mail notification, informing them that they were mentioned in a message inside fo the respective workspace.

Messaging shortcuts in Vabotu
In Vabotu you may use a number of shortcuts to quickly format your messages. Here is a list
• “command+b” to bold selected text
• “command+i” to italicize selected text
• “command+k” to insert a link into selected text

Here’s a list of commonly used emoji shortcuts:
• “:)” for happy face
• “;)” for wink face
• “:(” for sad face
• “:thumbsup:” for thumbs up
• “:heart:” for heart


Introducing Boards

The boards section allows you to organize tasks like sticky notes which you can move across columns. This gives you a visual overview of all your tasks.

To get started, create a card by inputting a card label and clicking New Card. A card holds all of your tasks. Once you’ve created a card, you can now add tasks to it by clicking the add new task button.

You may create as many cards as you wish and as many tasks as you wish.

1. Creating a Task:
To create a task, click the +Add new task button at the bottom of any column you’ve created.

2. Assigning Tasks to members:
Once a task is created, you can assign this task to one or more members of your company. To do so click the plus icon next to calendar, than select a member from the dropdown menu or search for the member by their name. Click the plus icon next to their name and you’re all done.

3. Setting Due Dates
To select a due date for your task, click the calendar icon, select the due date and click ok.

4. Deleting a task
To delete a task, click the 3-dot menu at the top-right corner of the task and select delete task.

5. Adding Task Details
To add details to a task, click the task name. This will open the task edit popup.

You may edit the task name by clicking on the label:

The field bellow the calendar and labels is where you add your task details

5. Adding files to a task
You may drag and drop files related to this tasks or click the click here button to upload from your computer:

6. Adding Subtasks to a task
You may create a subtask by clicking the + Create Subtask button. Tip: by clicking enter/return you may quickly add additional subtasks:

When adding the 1st task you will notice two tabs underneath the Sub-tasks label: Active Sub-Tasks and Completed Subtasks. Once you mark a subtask complete, that subtask will be moved to the Completed Subtasks tab. You may click this tab to see all completed Sub-Tasks:

In the Sub-Tasks tab, you may click the Clear All button to delete all completed Sub-Tasks.
Clicking on a checkmark next to a completed Sub-Tasks will place the Sub-Task back into the Active Tasks Tab.

7. Commenting on a Task
To add comments on a task start typing in the Comments section input field:

When typing a new comment, you may user the “@” symbol to call out members:

When you call out members, they will receive an e-mail notification letting them know they were mentioned by you. Ex: @Alice Bleu can you make sure all presentation materials are ready for tomorrow meeting?

Sample Boards
New to task/visual boards? Don’t know where to start or how to structure your tasks? No worries, we’ve put together several sample boards to help get you started.

  1. Designing an MVP App, Vabotu board
  2. Sales Pipeline Vabotu board
  3. Daily Work Schedule Vabotu board
  4. Issue and Bug Tracking Vabotu board
  5. New Years Resolutions Vabotu board
  6. Healthy Living Planning Vabotu board