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custom board templates

Create templates and apply them across workspaces

What are board


A board template lets teams visualize and plan projects,  tracking progress through every stage of development.

Users can design custom workflows that can be applied to other workspaces with the click of a button.

Plot out projects using columns and cards for clear collaboration.  Enjoy the agility to visually represent your workflow processes in a way that the entire team understands. 

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Browse board templates

Find a board template that’s 

perfect for you. Or build one.


Product design board template

Structure your board to mirror your workflow for a step-by-step blueprint for success.


Organizing my work board template

Stay on track with easy view templates that launch you towards goals.


Managing my team board template

Get a broad overview or detailed breakdown of key project metrics in one click. 


Managing my schoolwork board template

Never be late with assignments and keep all of your work in one place for efficiency.


Managing my students board template

Multi-tasking becomes infinitely easier with powerful workflow templates for teachers.


Managing the quality assurance board template

Increase speed and output with board templates that give you an edge on QA management. 

Save custom labels and fields to templates

Advanced board

template features

Uplevel your ability to manage complex projects with advanced capabilities that allow you to add custom fields and custom labels to any templates.

Workflows become highly customized with dynamic organizational features that keep pace with the changing needs of the project.
Easily track progress from start to finish to better manage priority project needs.

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Templates bring efficiency to workflows

The why behind

Heycollab’s Kanban software

The Heycollab workflow process template provides faster team collaboration to streamline progress and improve outcomes.

Every team member gets real-time clarity on where work stands for every facet of the project. Easily spot blockers and toggle between different views to assess progress from every angle. 

Heycollab Kanban users enjoy higher visibility and ultimate flexibility to pivot and progress on track.

Create tasks & assign them across your team

Colgate meets Heycollab’s Kanban board templates

for a successful launch

High-level corporate teams like Colgate use Heycollab for their design planning and execution needs at every stage of development.

Colgate’s Hills to Home built their entire product design cycle on the footprint of Heycollab board templates and kanban features.

From kickstart to completion, Colgate enjoyed a streamlined planning process fully tailored to their project’s needs. 

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more features

Get more to-dos to DONE with our easy & affordable project management app that streamlines every facet of work.


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