A dedicated place to

stay on task— My Tasks

My team & My tasks sections

Centralize your work in a My Tasks section

Gain access to an exclusive My Tasks section to quickly review all assigned tasks across any workspace.

Members get instant clarity on work that needs attention and can respond to tasks more quickly.

The My Tasks tab succinctly brings everything together so each team member knows exactly what steps need to be taken at any given moment.

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View time tracked, messages sent, comment posted and more in one place

View dashboard snippets

Stop spending unnecessary time reaching out to individual team members for progress updates.

The top of My tasks provides a quick overview of every team member’s progress, with reports strategically situated at the top of the page.

Get concise snippets of key metrics that highlight how many tasks are completed, number of hours worked, sent messages, and posted comments. Dashboard snippets give a quick project assessment, anytime you need.

Customize the color of task-lists

Add color

to enhance lists

Keep ideas organized in to-do lists and never miss a deadline.

Create beautiful color-coded lists associated with tasks and teams to increase coordinated focus on important project steps.. 

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My team global tasks & lists



Track time directly from My Work for any task, any project, any workspace.

Enjoy hassle-free tracking with streamlined processes to minimize work disruptions so you can effortlessly track your time.

Create tasks & assign them across your team

Create global tasks

across the team

Enjoy planning all your work across your entire workspace from one spot.

Access a dedicated tab to avoid cumbersome navigation of individual workspaces and columns so you can manage tasks more smoothly.

If they’re your tasks- they’re My Work. It’s that simple.

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Search and filter through tasks globally

Fast find


Multi-tasking teams with interconnected tasks can now find specific information with a fast search and filter feature that sorts and organizes projects. 

Replace time-consuming manual content searches with one-click filtering and watch productivity skyrocket. 

Heycollab offers game changing project management techniques to help teams collaborate and coordinate anything.


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Get more to-dos to DONE with our easy & affordable project management app that streamlines every facet of work.


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Teams use the My Tasks feature to keep their work aligned

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