Achievement soars with our

organized and easy project management for students

Task with board, list, calendar and timeline views

Create tasks to stay organized and ready

Students stay focused by creating trackable tasks that prioritize assignments.

Add due dates, attachments, custom fields and labels to track assignment details.

Never miss deadlines and allow plenty of lead time for important tasks to get done. 


Create collaborative docs

Powerful documents

take collaboration up a notch

Create powerful docs that are shareable across groups and workspaces to provide a central collaboration point for teams.

Create powerful docs that are shareable across groups and workspaces to provide a central collaboration point for teams. Editing is easy with interactive features that speed outcomes.

Keep important notes close at hand for review and reference so you always have what you need. Generate essays that stay organized, annotated and clear.

View tasks in various ways

Scheduling for success with calendars and visual tasks

Calendar formats allow students to visualize workload and maintain a productive and effective schedule.

Stay ahead of deadlines by consistently preparing for assignments and exams with platform tools  that work.

Add visual tasks that highlight next steps to stay ultra-organized no matter how busy you are.

Student_img02_Task calendar

Chat + Video Calling

Uplevel collaboration for

group assignments with real-time chat and video.

Students can easily bring their groups together for real-time chat and integrated video calling so work gets done faster with fewer steps along the way.

Create actionable tasks from messages, share folders and files and stay ultra-organized to keep the group on track.

Collaborate, create polls and communicate more clearly with all of your work in one place. We make it easier than ever to work together. 

All tasks assigned to you, in one neat place

Keep priorities and deadlines straight with My Tasks

Enjoy a centralized hub for tasks across workspaces to easily sort and view next steps.

Make priority lists, add custom labels for organization and even track time from an easy access platform spot. 

Unlimited storage + files and folders

Save and sort school work with

neat files and folders

Upload files directly into Heycollab to create a safe and long-term space for all of your educational resources.

File storage is unlimited so expand your scope as needed. With access to folders and subsections, students can keep classwork neat and organized to make learning flow.

Share files and folders through messages, tasks, subtasks, task comments and more to enhance collaboration and stay on track.

Send your e-mails to Heycollab as messages or tasks

Transform emails into messages
for faster communication

Every email becomes a source of business communication and planning when you turn emails into messages.

Save steps and get to the crux of business strategy with flexible and power packed email capability.

Speed towards your goals and never lose sight of the business metrics that matter.


Heycollab plays nice with others

Enjoy streamlined

workflows with more integrations

Students can merge communication and tasks from other platforms like Trello, Asana, Clickup and Slack to build an end-to-end solution for optimized work.

Use Google Drive and DropBox anytime you need for a perfect fit collaboration with our leading platform.


more features

Get more to-dos to DONE with our easy & affordable project management app that streamlines every facet of work.


Heycollab is transforming teams: Our users share their experiences of increased efficiency and streamlined collaboration, all thanks to our integrated suite of productivity tools.

Students love the flexibility
and function of Heycollab

See how Heycollab helps teams achieve success.

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