Keep your classroom and curriculum organized with

project management software for educators

Collaborative built-in docs

See how collaborative docs equip teachers to save time

Teachers can quickly create and share their syllabus, update their curriculum and develop coursework that is easy for every student to access.

Experience the power of group collaboration on highly accessible docs to support a clear learning strategy for students.

Teaching is a demanding field and Heycollab equips you to engage every student to their highest potential while maintaining a work balance that feels right.

Tasks with board, list, calendar and timeline views

Class schedules provide insights with

actionable tasks

Educators can generate actionable tasks attached to schedules so calendars become key sources of semester planning.

Flex your project views by week, month, dashboard or timeline to gain powerful insights on next steps to take.

Organize important dates for easy viewing and get prompt notifications for important deadlines.

Use drag and drop features to schedule your classes and exams in minutes. Create assignment related tasks for your calendars to stay prepared for upcoming events and share schedule changes in just a few clicks.

Real-time chat and video calling

Real-time communication for remote and local coordination of classes

Teachers have access to real-time chat and quality video calling features to host class sessions virtually, record calls, share their screen and even conduct polls.

Using an in-built video platform, students can consult with their peers more easily and stay informed by setting notifications and creating tasks.

Remote and in-person classrooms run more efficiently using one platform to streamline all coursework delivery. 

Your personal dashboard for your tasks and students

Manage your students with


Enhance classroom clarity when you share assignments in dedicated sections so all students can view expectations and deadlines.

Students will be able access the curriculum and view attached resources, clear lecture details, messages and tasks in their MyTask section.

Share dues dates, lesson plans and notes with individual students or even in groups so your classroom runs more efficiently.

Students can create private tasks for taking notes or collaborate with their small group to experience ultimate flexibility and achievement.. 

Customize your workflows

Increase specificity of assignments with custom fields and labels

Every classroom and teacher becomes more focused with customization that generates highly specified labels and fields to group actionable tasks.

Manage anything better by increasing clarity with fields such as dates, contact numbers, dropdowns, files, locations or people.

Classroom projects are more dynamic, functional and clear for better collaboration and results. Standardize data with drop-downs, text-fields and numerical fields so your work stays organized and accurate.

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Heycollab plays nice with others

Enjoy import and

integration with Heycollab

Bring any past work or tools you like over to Heycollab for a comprehensive success solution that makes teachers’ jobs easier.

When you import and integrate your work from Slack, Asana, Clickup, Monday or Trello all of your communications and tasks keep going.

We smoothly integrate with DropBox and Google Drive so you get the best advantages all in one place —Heycollab.

Send your e-mails to Heycollab as messages or tasks

Transform emails into messages
for faster communication

Every email becomes a source of business communication and planning when you turn emails into messages.

Save steps and get to the crux of business strategy with flexible and power packed email capability.

Speed towards your goals and never lose sight of the business metrics that matter.



more features

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Heycollab is transforming teams: Our users share their experiences of increased efficiency and streamlined collaboration, all thanks to our integrated suite of productivity tools.

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