Revolutionize your design process with smart collaboration

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My team & My tasks sections

Visualize design work projects

from every angle

Get multi-angle project views of your design work using the My tasks and My team sections.

Managers can see the entire team’s work in one place, refined by individual team members or as a group,  to get instant insights on project development.

Each team member can easily view assigned work across all workspaces to stay organized and on deadline for every important step. 

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Kanban, List, Calendar and Timeline view of your tasks

Enjoy a clear view of your design work

with dashboards, calendars and more

Creatives can flex the view of their projects across the Dashboard, Lists, Timelines and Calendar for ultimate flexibility in project development.

Different views help users assess progress and plan iterations more easily. 

Visual feedback

Get and give fast feedback to shape the design

Add actionable comments directly to designs that can quickly be addressed by the right team member.

Key visual cues at the top of every design show the creative team exactly what’s been done and what needs attention.

Accelerate the creative timeline when all project team members can give and receive feedback that influences next steps. 

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Kanban, List, Calendar and Timeline view of your tasks

Add tasks, subtasks and child-subtasks

to perfect every detail of creative

Every team member becomes an integral player in the creative process with the autonomy to create individual tasks, subtasks and even child-subtasks.

Embedded links are connected to each specific task step and design teams can quickly go back and forth on comments, pointing directly to the specific task, subtask or child-subtask at hand.

Comments are organized parallel to specific tasks/subtasks  so associated feedback stays accessible and relevant. The difference is in the details that help team collaboration soar to higher levels of success.

Time tracking, reports and more

Time on task stays top of mind with

powerful time-tracking

Easily track time spent across projects and workspaces with convenient built-in time-tracking features that start and stop with a click.

Set hourly rates for quick totals and export time reports to share important billable information.

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Chat 1:1 or with your team and conduct video calls

Bring the entire design team

together with chat + video

Our remote team collaboration software allows users to quickly engage with high-quality communication tools like real-time chat and premium video calls right on the platform. 

Teams save hours with the convenience of communication integrated straight to the tasks and timelines they need. 

Create rich collaborative docs

Create beautiful, collaborative

documents for instant collaboration

Encourage shareable document creation that provides a central and pliable place for team input and planning. 

Share documents globally for team outreach and keep everything organized in well-managed folders for every project and task.

Unlimited storage for files and folders

Create limitless files and folders

to keep work organized

Teams of all sizes benefit from a dedicated space to organize all files and folders for every design project.

With endless file storage,  the sky’s the limit for the creative process. 

Reach high for ideas and know that every aspect of your project remains accessible and organized for premier end outcomes.

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Time Tracking


Unlimited Storage



TOTAL /month

1 user


10 users


20 users


30 users


*Please note that the platforms mentioned and the information provided in relation to Heycollab’s features and cost-effectiveness are subject to change.


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