Heycollab vs Asana

If you want to meet your goals, be efficient, and grow your business, you need to get serious about project management. An organized team is an effective team, and there are just so many facets of work to organize.

From goals to projects and tasks to team members, workflow, priorities, and deadlines, it’s just too much for one human (or even a team of humans) to keep track of alone. In fact, without some sort of project management solution, you can be sure that eventually, something will slip through the cracks.

That’s where project and task management tools come in. They help you spend less time dealing with the minutiae of planning, structuring, and tracking, and more time focusing on the things that actually matter, like meeting your goals. These tools take care of team communication, managing collaboration, and breaking goals down into plans, allowing you to invest your attention into the things that are actually worth your time.

Many people have heard of options like Asana, a common web and mobile application that helps teams sync up and plan tasks and deadlines. But just because Asana is one of the most popular options doesn’t mean it’s the best one. In fact, there’s a new tool out there that has the upper hand: Heycollab. Here’s why.

One Tool, Four Purposes

Asana is a specific solution for one specific problem, with all of its features focused on project management with timelines, workflows, and calendars as the primary features. But if you use Asana, it’ll only take care of one of your team’s needs, requiring you to sign up for, pay for, and juggle multiple other tools to help you with things like communication and file management.

On the other hand, Heycollab takes care of all the most important facets of work management, simplifying your life by allowing you to use just one tool to serve multiple purposes. In addition to the task boards that a tool like Asana is known for, Heycollab also offers instant messaging, file storage, and a media hub to help you track all of your files.

You can go from chatting with a co-worker to checking what phase a specific task is in to opening up a document and leaving feedback all in one window. You no longer have to click from Slack to Asana to Trello and back again over and over throughout your workday until you have a headache.


By being a multi-tool, Heycollab is cost-effective by nature. When you pay for an instant messenger, a project management tool, and a file host, the costs add up quickly. With Heycollab, your money goes further and gets you more.

Plus, Heycollab is priced fairly at just $1 per user per month. If you were to use the common alternative of paying for Asana, at $10 per user per month, plus the cost of Dropbox and Slack to cover the features that Asana doesn’t offer, you’ll be paying closer to $30 per month per user. That means that choosing Heycollab saves you $348 dollars per year per team member, a significant number for start-ups and major corporations alike.

Visual Collaboration and Feedback

With Asana, you can see where tasks are in the workflow and what their deadline is, but you have to switch to a different software in order to make a comment about said tasks. With Heycollab, on the other hand, you’re able to exchange visual feedback on messages, tasks, and comments, simplifying the process of giving your opinion. All of the feedback is stored in one place, making it easy to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

That means that Heycollab does more than facilitate collaboration; it actually allows you to do that collaboration. Working together starts right within the same tool that you use to track the work and its deadlines.

More Than Storage

No matter your field, your workflow probably involves a number of files of different types and sizes. A disorganized team has their files scattered over multiple desktops, emails, messages, and cloud servers. Heycollab lets you keep all of these documents in one place, making sure that nothing is lost and nobody has to go without access to the files they need to get work done.

Beyond that, Heycollab makes file organization easy, assigning a media hub to each separate workspace. You’ll intuitively know exactly where each document is located, and be able to share and comment on it with ease. You’ll be able to choose the file view that best suits you and it’ll all automatically sync across all of your devices.

Trim the Fat

Let’s be honest: using too many tools in the workplace is a headache. It’s inefficient, inconvenient, and a waste of money. Work takes longer because you’re always switching from app to app, tracking down messages, files, and comments. A tool like Heycollab lets you cut out all of that unnecessary stuff, making your team more agile and effective.

If you’re used to tools like Asana, Slack, and Trello, switching over to Heycollab will be a breeze. You’ll figure out the software in no time and quickly fall in love with how convenient it is to have everything in one place. Your team will make fewer errors, be more productive, and get things done faster.

If you want to see it for yourself, check out on of Heycollab’s product tours. Or, even better, sign up for a free trial and see how you like it. But be warned, once you’ve experienced the joy of working in true harmony, you won’t be able to go back to Asana again.

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