Top 5 ClickUp Alternatives to Task & Project Management Tool

ClickUp is a great project management tool. However, just like any other tool your team needs to wrap projects up quicker, it has its pros and cons. So if you’re considering other project management software, it’s time to take a look at 5 great project management tools that are ClickUp alternatives.

Let’s dive in!

  1. heycollab

heycollab is a one-stop shop for all of your project management needs.

It comes with features such as:

heycollab’s features are similar to ClickUp’s, with a few very important differences:

  • ClickUp offers only 100MB in their free plan, while heycollab offers 5GB. If you invite other teams to heycollab, you’ll get additional 45GB of online storage.
  • heycollab offers full functionality for free. ClickUp requires you to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to get unlimited views, integrations and reporting, and the ability to invite guests and set permissions. Additionally, ClickUp also makes you upgrade to use custom fields, goals, and portfolios.
  • With heycollab, you upgrade for extra storage and extra support. You get all the features you need in the free plan.

heycollab takes teamwork seriously. You don’t want to pay exorbitant fees for different tools that would allow you to message your team, collaborate on projects, and keep track of them.

Instead, you can get it all for free within your heycollab virtual workspace.

  1. Trello

If you’re looking for another free ClickUp alternative, Trello is a great choice!

This project management tool helps you visually organize your tasks and projects. Trello pioneered Kanban-style task boards, and it has helped thousands of teams organize their work effectively.

Unlike ClickUp, Trello allows you to customize pretty much anything. You and your team can truly make your task boards your own.

When you’ve completed tasks, you can simply drag and drop them to the right columns, and keep going.

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Some of the most notable differences between Trello and ClickUp are:

  • File storage: ClickUp offers 100MB of file storage in general. Trello offers up to 10MB per attachment.
  • Integrations and power-ups: Trello offers superb automation features, as well as plenty of integrations.
  • Agile: ClickUp directly supports agile methodology, while Trello doesn’t. However, you can adapt your boards to suit your project management style.

All in all, Trello is a good freemium ClickUp alternative for teams that want to focus on task management.

  1. Todoist

If you’re considering ClickUp because you want to organize tasks in a simple and approachable manner, Todoist is a great alternative.

Todoist was made as the people’s to-do list.

However, it has come very far. Today, even the most ambitious project teams (for example, Netflix and Apple) use it to stay on top of their tasks.

Todoist’s features include:

  • Project management dashboards
  • Clear overview of tasks and deadlines
  • Organization: favorites, sections, subtasks, and priorities
  • Delegation and task assignments
  • Collaboration: comments on tasks and projects
  • Productivity visualizations
  • Gamified points system
  • Numerous integrations

ClickUp doesn’t offer gamification, but Todoist certainly does.

It’s easy to keep your team productive when they have a tangible, visual way of measuring their progress.

Plus, everyone likes a game; there’s nothing like giving out points to motivate your team.

Pricing: Todoist for teams starts at $5/month/user.

  1. is a great ClickUp alternative for smaller teams. comes with:

  • Integrated CRM
  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  • Billing

If you want to make sure you’re maximizing your productivity, is a great choice.

Other features that make a great project management alternative to ClickUp are:

  • Repeating, snoozing and bookmarking tasks
  • Features for praise and recognition
  • Permissions for clients and guests

Both and ClickUp were made with task and project management in mind.

However, their target audiences are different. is perfect for consultants, freelancers, agencies, and smaller teams in general.

If you’re in charge of a smaller team, you’d normally gravitate towards big solutions. They’re popular, but they may not be the right fit for your business needs.

But with, you can get the right solution for your project team.

Pricing: Freemium with 100MB storage for one user. Other plans start at $5 per user per month.

  1. Wrike

If your team needs a more robust solution than ClickUp, Wrike might be a great fit.

While Wrike comes with a relatively steep learning curve, it also offers superb support for all your project management needs:

  • Project planning with dynamic request forms: Streamline project approvals and get all the details before you start working
  • Visualization: Understand task dependencies and manage risks, and visualize your work with Gantt charts
  • Custom workflows: Create workflows that will automatically assign tasks to the right team members in the right order
  • Wrike Proof tool: With Wrike, you and your team can instantly collaborate on relevant files
  • Dashboards and project tracking

Additionally, Wrike’s free plan comes with 2GB of storage space.

Wrike is used by big teams such as Google, Hootsuite, and L’Oreal.

This is what makes Wrike a great ClickUp project management alternative for teams that feel like they would outgrow ClickUp, and need a fully-integrated support.

Pricing: Freemium with 2GB of storage space and limited functionality. Paid plans start at $9.80 per user per month.

What Is the Best ClickUp Alternative for Project Management?

The alternative you’ll choose depends on your team’s needs.

If you have a small team, you’ll love Todoist. It’s sleek, simple and affordable. You should also consider Both project management tools allow you to understand your project progress, and help your team make the most of their day.

If you have a big team, there’s nothing like Wrike. It may take a while for you to get used to it but once you do, Wrike will help you complete projects quicker than ever before.

Finally, heycollab is a great solution for teams of all sizes.

With workspaces that give your team everything you need for free, heycollab is the ClickUp alternative you’ve always needed.

Try heycollab – it’s free!

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