Project Feedback is Visual

Vabotu makes managing the feedback cycle on a project a breeze. To add feedback to an image in Vabotu follow these steps: 1. In the messaging section of Vabotu add your images 2. Click on the image thumbnail on the right 3. Click anywhere on the image to leave comments

Collaboration Simplified

In Vabotu with you can easily manage the Support and QA process of any project. To get started let’s setup a board that has the following columns: • Requested • In Progress • Fixed In the requested column we’ll place all of the issues that are to be worked on but not started. The Progress column will hold all of … Read More

Product Workflow

With Vabotu, you can map out critical steps from design to launch so everyone has clarity on the roadmap. I have the Vabotu Mac App open and this is how we recommend setting up your Mobile App Workflow: Start by creating these columns: Research, Features & Product Direction User Experience Design, User Interface Design Interactive Prototyping Development Quality Assurance Know … Read More

Create a Workspace With Vabotu

Create a workspace

Group conversations are organized in workspaces, which you can make public or private. Create a workspace for clients, projects, departments…or just about anything you want. How to create a workspace? To create a workspace, public or private, simply click the + button as shown below. You may toggle the private/public switch to create a private or public workspace. Once created, … Read More