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The Rise of Social Media: A 2023 Insight

Posted on by Vasile Tiplea

The social media world is buzzing with excitement following the Google I/O announcements. With the enhancement of 5G technology and Social Connectivity, platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are spearheading this 2023 Digital Footprint. A whopping 4.9 billion people are jumping between six to seven platforms. For savvy marketers, keeping up with the latest […]

How to Create a Company in Heycollab

Posted on by Akash

To create a company in Heycollab, follow these steps: 1. Visit and click the Start Free Trial Button: 2. Click the Start Free Trial Button 3. Input your E-mail Address 4. Input your 5-digit confirmation code. Check your e-mail for this. If you have not received an e-mail within 2-min, check your spam/junk-mail inbox […]

Inviting People to Your Company in Heycollab

Posted on by Akash

To invite people to your company in Heycollab follow these step: 1. Click the invite people button found at the bottom left hand corner of the Heycollab interface: 2. Input one ore more email addresses. After you’ve inputed an e-mail addresses, tap return. 3. Select the Workspaces to which you’re inviting these people. 4. Click […]

How to Join a Company in Heycollab

Posted on by Akash

To join a company in heycollab, follow these steps.

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