How to Create a Company in Heycollab

To create a company in Heycollab, follow these steps:

1. Visit and click the Start Free Trial Button:

2. Click the Start Free Trial Button

3. Input your E-mail Address

4. Input your 5-digit confirmation code. Check your e-mail for this. If you have not received an e-mail within 2-min, check your spam/junk-mail inbox

5. Fill out your First and Last name, username and Password:

6. Select how you will use heycollab from the 3-dropdown menus

7. Fill out your company name and company url. Please note that your company url cannot have spaces. Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Use.

8. For the last step you may invite your team by inputing their e-mail addresses and clicking done. You may also copy your private company link and send it via e-mail or message.

Once you click Skip or Done, you should be right in:

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