Asana Alternative to Manage Your Team’s Work, Projects and Tasks Online

The future of work is online.

With over 70% of people globally working flexibly, and 68% of the millennial employees  asking for alternative types of work as a part of their employer’s offer, remote team work is here to stay.

However, it’s easy to feel confused about all the options you have for project management and task management.

After all, managing projects is easy if all of your teammates are in the same room. But what happens if they’re all over the world?

For that, you’re going to need a flexible online team management solution.

Now, you may look to Asana – the tool used by a lot of professional project managers. But you could be missing out on a much better option:


In this post, we’ll show you all you need to know about Heycollab’s strengths compared to Asana.

Let’s take a look!

How Software like Heycollab Helps You Manage Your Teams

We work in an era of asynchronous communication. If you have remote team members or completely remote teams, you can’t talk to them and get your answers immediately.

Instead, you have to wait a while to get the information you need – be that feedback or information vital to your next task.

This means you need an asynchronous team messaging solution.

Sure, you could email your teammates but it takes a lot of time. Plus, everyone’s inboxes are so crowded these days that it’s a miracle if your teammate opens your email.

Chats are just faster.

The second thing you need is a task management tool.

You should be able to manage all of your work online. At the same time, all of the relevant teammates should be able to see what they need to be working on, and who’s in charge of what.

We’ll take a deeper look into the features you’ll need for that a bit later, but for now – you need a reliable tool that has enough functionalities to make you feel as though you’re not away from your team members.

Finally, you need to help your team collaborate.

The entire point of using any kind of project management app or tool is to help your team work together; from feedback to ideation.

Ideally, you want all of this on one platform so you don’t lose 40-50% of productivity or efficiency by multitasking.

And let’s not forget about the cost of the app sprawl: you could easily start paying $50 per each individual teammate for an entire stack of different tools.

Multiply that by ten and you’ll see where you’re losing the money that could be allocated to production.

What does Heycollab offer?

Heycollab offers a complete team and project management solution for the price of just one.

You’re getting team messaging, task management and improved collaboration for $12.99/month for an unlimited number of users.

Still not sold?

Let’s take a look at all the reasons why Heycollab is a great alternative to Asana:

  1. Heycollab Encourages Teamwork

Asana has one feedback possibility: you can leave comments on updates.

So let’s say your teammate Jimmy uploads a new UI design sketch to Asana. If that was a to-do task set by your team lead, Jimmy will have attached the sketch in a comment.

You won’t get a notification about it with Asana, unless Jimmy decides to explicitly tag you.

By the time the weekly team meeting rolls around, Jimmy and the lead could be discussing the UI design but you’ll have no clue.

After all, you’re only checking your tasks – you don’t have the time to check Jimmy’s. It’s easy to forget about it.

Let’s consider the scenario number two: Jimmy updated his task with the sketch and messaged the whole team about it on Slack.

You were probably working on something else when he did, so you said: “I’ll check it later.”

Did you?

Probably not.

When you opened Slack, you had 50 other messages and Jimmy’s didn’t stand out in any way. You’d have to actively decide to find the right file in Asana to review the changes.

What happens with Heycollab?

Now, if you used Heycollab in that scenario, here’s how things would go:

Jimmy would access your shared virtual workspace and update the file in the Media Hub. He’d resolve a task in the Kanban task management feature. Everyone in the virtual workspace channel would get a notification in the chat feature.

If Jimmy noticed that no one responded, he’d send a new message, attaching the file again.

At this point, you’d notice it. And it would be so easy to review it – it’d take you just one click to get to the right file.

And right there, you could leave comments, mention relevant team members, and even add it to your resource storage.

There would be no need for emails, texts, or opening other apps.

With Heycollab, teamwork happens in one place and being a teammate isn’t a hassle. It’s as natural as it should be.

  1. You Don’t Have to Pay for Integrations and Additional Tools

At the very least, your team is going to need a chat tool, a task management tool, and some kind of storage.

We already talked about associated costs when you use Asana for online team management.

But when you factor in the hidden costs, such as the fact that employees spend as much as 2.5 hours every day tracking down the information they need to do their jobs, the problem becomes all the more pressing.

Asana doesn’t provide its chat or its hosted storage that would make finding information easy.

It provides integrations but you still can’t just use that one tool – you also need Slack and Dropbox or other apps. That’s how the two and a half hours happen.

What happens with Heycollab?

Heycollab’s got you covered.

You can share files and add comments directly to them, discuss them in the chat, all the while being aware of and seeing your tasks and deadlines.

Integrations? You don’t need integrations.

It all comes in the $12.99/mo package that includes unlimited users.

  1. Task Management Is More Efficient with Heycollab

It’s hard to improve what you can’t track. That’s why we use collaboration tools in the first place.

When it comes to task and project management, Asana is great. It’s mastered task management with deadlines, status bars and approvals.

However, it’s not as efficient as it could be.

Task management with Heycollab

Heycollab has a significant advantage over Asana – Asana was one of the first project management tools. Heycollab has had plenty of time to learn from the hands-on experience of professional project managers and people who’ve found themselves being team leads alike.

Heycollab’s task management follows the principles of visual task management with Kanban boards which improve information retention.

You can create a board for every project from your shared virtual workspace. And within that board, you can create numerous cards, tasks and sub-tasks.

Now, Asana gives you the option of creating tasks and tracking your projects, but Heycollab is more visual and it’s much easier to organize your team and get the job done.

You can:

  • Move tasks through stages, monitoring the progress of the project at large
  • Set completion dates
  • Categorize tasks with labels
  • Add notes and images
  • @mention your teammates

The best part is: you don’t have to communicate about your files and projects just through the task boards.

Since Heycollab’s task management boards are completely integrated with team messaging and the collaboration hub, you can take the conversation back to the chat with just one click.

Is Heycollab Better than Asana?

These days, we’ve all turned into project managers.

Maybe you have never received formal project management education and yet, you have to manage all the risks and make sure you complete the project on time.

Maybe you’re a disgruntled manager who doesn’t understand why you need dozens of apps for a single task.

But whatever the roles you’re juggling, you’re not alone.

At Heycollab, we know the pain. And we know that producing great work doesn’t have to come with sacrifices.

All you need is the right tool. And Heycollab can be your central hub of operations.

Start using it today

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