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Introducing Boards

June 27, 2018

The boards section allows you to organize tasks like sticky notes. To put this into perspective, let’s say we’re working on a mobile app project.

To get started, create a column by inputting a column label. Since we’re working on a mobile app, we’ll label this column “Features we want to build”

Now, this column we’ve just created holds all of our tasks. Once you’ve created a column, you now can add tasks to it by clicking the add new task button.
If our app was a social media app, I will add a task labeled Multi-media feed. You can create as many columns and tasks as you wish.    

You may move tasks across columns. For instance, let’s say that this feature “Multimedia Feed” is ready for design, i can simply drag it into the Ready for Design column.

There is a lot more that boards has to offer things like:

• assigning tasks to one or more members of a workspace

• setting a due date

• adding subtasks

• adding comments and collaborating on tasks

• attaching files and much more

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