Heycollab MVP Sample Task Board Ideas

Here is a sample task board idea layout for designing an MVP product in Heycollab. This is a basic structure that Creative27, a multi-award winning app design and development shop in Los Angeles recommends.

Six columns to create task boards:

• Features we want to build

• In Process

• Ready for Design

• Ready to be Developed

• Quality Assurance

Now, it is important to add details on a task. So for instance in the Multi-media feed task, you’ll notice that this is assigned to 3 team members and we see the task is in progress and is due June 21st.

There’s also a description of the task and there are 5-Subtasks added on. Below, in different task board ideas, we have comments, so you see the team is collaborating on this task and working together to move work forward.

The idea here is that as you complete tasks, you move them to the next column. So for instance If the Multi-media feed design is complete, you can now move it to the ready to be deployed column.

Below you will find additional task boards ideas and samples for your inspiration:
• Healthy Living Task Board Idea
Healthy Living Task Board idea

• Sales Pipeline Task Board IdeaSales Pipeline Task Board Idea

• Bug Tracking Task Board IdeaBug Tracking Task Board Idea

• Work structured by days Task Board IdeaWork structured by days Task Board Idea

• Designing an MVP Task Board IdeaDesigning an MVP Task Board Idea

Hopefully, the above task board ideas will inspire you to create your own organized task boards.

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