Sales Cycle – Board

Improve your Sales cycle and start tracking your leads with this Heycollab Kanban board sample. In this example, you can see all your leads in a single view and ensure that every lead proceeds by following your internal sales process.
We recommend moving each prospect from the Lead In column on to the next as the sales process matures. We recommend having the following columns setup:

  1. Lead In Column –  Here you may place all of the prospects that reach out either by phone, contact form, e-mail etc
  2. Contact Made – Once you’ve made contact with a prospect from the Lead In column, you’ll move it to the Contact Made Column
  3. Meeting Arranged – Move contacts from the Contact Made to Meeting Arranged once you’ve scheduled a meeting with the prospect
  4. Needs Defined – After your meeting, and once needs are defined, move the prospect from Meeting Arranged column to the Needs Defined Column
  5. Proposal Made – Once needs are defined and you’ve provided a proposal, move the prospect from Needs Defined column to Proposal Made
  6. Closed Won – This is the exciting part, once a proposal is signed and funds deposited, you may move the prospect from the Proposal Made column to the Closed Won column
  7. Lost – If a prospect dropped from any of the previous columns, place them into the Lost column

Note: For each task, you may add comments as you move through the sales cycle. For instance, once a need is defined, create comments in the task noting key events that you and your team can review later. Add sub-tasks and assign tasks to your team so that together you can work on acquiring new work. Set due dates for when tasks are due and keep the conversation going via the messaging section. Attach files like proposal or specs received from client to keep everything in one-place.

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