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Here at Heycollab, we’re productivity nerds — and proud of it. We believe that, in many cases, even the most productive of people aren’t utilizing the tools available to them to be even more efficient. Many people don’t realize what tools are out there and we understand that once you have a flow, it seems like a better idea to keep it than to alter it with new systems. However, that’s how businesses and people get left behind. In a technologically advanced world, those who don’t utilize the tools at their disposal tend to get left in the dust.

Leveraging technology is your best tactic to boost productivity and keep you ahead of your competition and on time for your customers. posted an article with 15 ways to improve project time management. Now, we can’t help you with meditation or your morning run, so, we won’t go into all of them, but we would like to explore what we took away from their article. The overarching message from the folks at Entrepreneur is to set goals, be strict with your time, schedule activities in (at most efficient times) to avoid distraction, leverage to-do lists and keep yourself organized.

How Heycollab can help you to master project time management

So, let’s explore how to achieve these goals — which seem small on paper but can be understandably difficult to execute when you’re in the thick of your busy day.

Set goals and schedule activities
These two go hand in hand. Goals are important but scheduling activities to work toward and achieve them is what’s going to get the results. With Heycollab, you can create tasks to work toward your goals. You can assign team members to these tasks, set due dates, and set task labels. From the Task Board, you can view the status of all activities across your team.

Leverage to-do lists
The good old-fashioned to-do list has had a significant revamp. No longer do you need paper lists of your action items, and the online versions have nothing on us. Heycollab allows you to create to-do lists, directly against the tasks and projects you are working on. You can color code, set due dates and labels, and you can even see an overview of your progress, along with the progress of your team, so you know where you are with relation to your projects at all times.

Be strict with your time
You know your time is valuable, yet, if it is not allocated, it can often be hard to keep it from being stolen by well-meaning colleagues or something distracting online. Set tasks on Heycollab, along with reminders that schedule your time and block out when you approach which activity. If you need a re-set, schedule a nap, just be strict with your times.

Keeping yourself organized and time managing different projects is easy with Heycollab. Register for our free trial to see how you can increase your productivity and discover how you can be more effective when outsourcing your mental clutter, and getting some structure to your day.

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