Product Workflow

With Heycollab, you can map out critical steps from design to launch so everyone has clarity on the roadmap.

I have the Heycollab Mac App open and this is how we recommend setting up your Mobile App Workflow:

Start by creating these columns:

  • Research, Features & Product Direction
  • User Experience Design,
  • User Interface Design
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance

Know Who’s working on what

Give clear owner and due dates for each piece of the launch so you release on time. In Heycollab, simply click the calendar icon and assign a date.

On each task created, assign the right team so you and everyone involved in the project know’s who’s working on what. To do so click on the plus icon and select the team-members.

Keep everyone Up-to-date

Make sure important updates and conversations don’t get buried in e-mail threads by connecting them to your work.

Comment directly on tasks, so that all your communication is contextual.

Store all work in one place


Attach files to your project, so everyone knows where to find the correct info.

You may attach documents directly in a task. Don’t know where a document is? Head-over to the media tab. Here you’ll get an overview of all documents shared in this workspace.

Track dates and milestones

Keep an eye on important dates by assigning due dates to each task.

In Heycollab you do this by clicking on the calendar icon and picking a date.

Keep the conversation going

Each workspace comes with it’s own instant messaging section. Add the right people to it, share files, add comments directly on designs shared and keep the conversation going.

Ready, set, launch!

Heycollab helps product teams hit deadlines-so they can launch great products.

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