Interview with CEO & SVP of Product Design – Heycollab – Vasile Tiplea

“Our goal is to establish Heycollab as a leading internationally recognized project management software, driving innovation in the realm of digital workspace technology, providing superior collaborative solutions to companies across the globe and helping them enhance their operational performance with our cover-all feature set, ingenious capabilities, user-friendly interface, and amazing functionality,” Vasile Tiplea quotes.

Vasile Tiplea, CEO and Sr. Director of UX and design of Heycollab, shares in his interview with GoodFirms how they created this top-notch collaboration software to fulfill the broad project management and collaboration needs of businesses of all sizes with its innovative design, versatile offerings, multi-industry utility, and reasonable pricing.

Based in the USA, Heycollab is a broad-spectrum project management and collaboration software designed to cover comprehensive needs of businesses of all sizes. The software caters to a wide range of industries; however, creative industries, such as design agencies, marketing firms, and content creation teams find Heycollab particularly beneficial. Moreover, small businesses and startups that typically have limited resources and require efficient project management solutions to maximize their productivity, benefit greatly from the Heycollab system.

Besides, Heycollab supports educational institutions, universities, and research teams in managing complex projects and collaborating with ease by facilitating seamless communication, task assignment, and document sharing, enabling educators and researchers to work together efficiently and enhance their outcomes. Additionally, non-profit organizations can leverage Heycollab to effectively manage their projects, coordinate volunteers, and collaborate with stakeholders. It helps organizations streamline their operations, track progress, and optimize resource utilization, helping them create a greater impact in their respective causes.

Heycollab offers extensive tools for enhanced project management and collaboration, including calendar management, document management, collaboration management, content collaboration, project management, workflow management, task management, resource management, idea management, project tracking & planning, timesheets, reporting and forecasting, alerts/notifications, dashboard, Agile & Scrum, audio/video chats, synchronous editing, brainstorming, and more. Heycollab helps businesses optimize their workflows, improve team communication, and ensure effective task management, remarkably contributing to their growth and success in the longer run.

The company provides a very simple, subscription-based pricing model for Heycollab software. The free plan allows basic features. Additionally, the paid package offers comprehensive tools at a nominal cost.

GoodFirms interviewed and discussed the detailed offerings of Heycollab software directly with Vasile Tiplea, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the SVP of Product Design – Heycollab, to learn more about the software. As the CEO of Heycollab, Vasile Tiplea’s role involves driving the strategic direction of the company. With his extensive experience and expertise in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), Vasile ensures that Heycollab is intuitive, user-friendly, visually appealing, and delivers a seamless and impactful user experience. Vasile also oversees the development and implementation of innovative features, ensuring that the software remains at the forefront of project management solutions and meets the evolving needs of the customers.


Versatile Collaboration System and Project Management Software

Starting with the interview, Vasile describes Heycollab as an all-in-one project management software designed to enhance team collaboration and productivity. The software provides a centralized platform for project collaboration, task management, and file sharing, enabling teams of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, to streamline their workflows, effectively manage tasks and projects, improve overall efficiency, and enhance their creative output.

When asked about what motivated the company to create Heycollab, Vasile explains that the company recognized that teams often struggle with communication, task management, time tracking, and document creation, leading to inefficiencies and reduced productivity. Thus, the primary objective behind the development of Heycollab was to address these challenges faced by teams and individuals in managing multiple tools for different aspects of their work. Moreover, the purpose was to create an all-in-one solution that consolidates the essential features like integrating calls, messages, tasks, time tracking, and document creation into a single platform.

Vasile adds that Heycollab helps simplify and streamline the workflow and enhance collaboration and productivity within teams. It provides teams with a centralized hub to seamlessly communicate, manage tasks, track time, and create and share documents, eliminating the need for juggling multiple tools and platforms. Vasile clarifies that in summary, Heycollab was developed to empower teams to work more efficiently and effectively by providing them with a comprehensive project management solution.

Unique Features and Offerings

Talking about the distinctive features of Heycollab, Vasile elaborates that the software stands apart from the competitors in the market due to its key features designed to enhance collaboration and streamline project management for businesses, including real-time messaging, task management, video calling, time tracking, and files & folders management. Vasile details that Heycollab offers a robust messaging system that enables teams to communicate seamlessly and collaborate effectively. This instant messaging or real-time messaging feature allows teams to discuss tasks, share updates, and resolve issues in real-time, promoting efficient and transparent communication.

Vasile further talks about Heycollab software’s comprehensive task management tools, including task assignments, due dates, task priorities, and progress tracking that allow teams to create, assign, and track tasks effortlessly and empower them to stay organized and ensure accountability.

Besides, according to Vasile, Heycollab includes a built-in video calling feature that enables teams to have face-to-face conversations and conduct virtual meetings. This feature supports team meetings, client discussions, and remote collaboration, enhancing overall communication and fostering a more connected working environment.


Vasile then highlights other prominent features of Heycollab, including time tracking that allows teams to monitor the time spent on tasks and projects, track productivity, manage resources efficiently, and generate accurate reports for billing or performance analysis. Further, the files and folders management feature allows teams to easily store, share, and organize files and folders within the platform. Additionally, the intuitive file management system ensures easy access to project documents, enables collaborative editing, and promotes version control, eliminating the need for external file-sharing tools.

Vasile also claims that Heycollab software offers significant value-addition to the clients by offering a comprehensive and all-in-one solution for their broad operational needs, conserving considerable time and improving efficiency. Furthermore, Heycollab consolidates essential features such as calls, messages, tasks, time tracking, and document creation in a single platform, streamlining the workflows and eliminating the need for teams to switch between multiple applications, again saving them valuable time and effort. Additionally, Heycollab is designed with exceptional focus on user experience and collaboration and offers an intuitive interface, easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless user experience for both individuals and teams.

Besides, Vasile emphasizes that another remarkable value-addition is the software’s cost-effectiveness. Vasile specifies that the other similar software alternatives require the customers to subscribe to multiple tools and pay separate fees for each. However, according to Vasile, Heycollab is a unified solution with a single subscription, resulting in over 80% cost savings for the customers, enabling them to maximize their resources and invest in other areas of their business.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Vasile reveals that customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority, and the company takes several steps to cater to the customers’ needs and ensure utmost customer satisfaction for Heycollab software. The company actively collects customer feedback through surveys, user interviews, and support channels to understand their pain points, preferences, and suggestions for improvement. Further, they leverage this customer feedback to drive product development, implement enhancements, fix issues, and introduce new features.

Further, Vasile asserts that the company facilitates weekly updates to the Heycollab platform, ensuring continuous improvements in the software and its offerings. They also strive to provide prompt and helpful responses to the customers’ queries, ensuring them a smooth journey with the software.

Overall, according to Vasile, the company follows a customer-centric development approach for Heycollab and seeks customers’ inputs, working closely with them to understand their unique requirements, workflows, and challenges. This enables the company to deliver tailored solutions for each customer and ensure a superior user experience.

Vasile also clarifies that the company has a high customer retention rate of approximately 52% and reiterates that this is a testament to the product quality, customer-centric approach, and the overall experience that Heycollab offers to the customers. Vasile indicates that a vast majority of their repeat customers are from creative agencies. Another significant section of repeat customers is from small businesses and startups as the platform has been designed to help them resolve their unique challenges related to growth, agility, and resource optimization.

Dedicated Customer Support

Further in the interview, Vasile discloses that the company firmly believes in the importance of a robust, accessible, and effective support system and has a dedicated customer support team readily available to assist the customers with their queries and concerns, ensuring a seamless experience for Heycollab platform users. The company provides a multi-tiered and omnichannel customer support system, including direct phone call, messaging platform, and email support options.

Additionally, according to Vasile, the company facilitates a robust Help Center that serves as a centralized repository of information. It includes a comprehensive online knowledge base and resources section, including guides, FAQs, and tutorials to provide the customers easy solutions to common questions, reduce the dependency on direct support for simpler issues, get them acquainted with the Heycollab platform, and maximize its potential. Vasile clarifies that the company also offers a dedicated walkthrough, a step-by-step tutorial that guides users through the various features and functionalities, familiarizes them with the key aspects of the software, helps them effectively navigate and utilize the software’s capabilities, and guides the users to learn more about advanced features and tips for optimizing their workflow.

Vasile highlights that apart from the above, the company provides a series of informative videos on their official YouTube channel, covering various aspects of Heycollab’s functionality, providing visual demonstrations and insights into how to make the best use of the software. Moreover, the company continuously updates and expands the resource and knowledge section to cater to the evolving needs and requirements of the users.

Heycollab – The Best Project Management and Collaboration Software

“Our ultimate goal for the next 10 years is to continue to innovate and evolve in a way that keeps our customers’ needs at the forefront. We’re driven by the desire to create a platform that truly empowers teams to do their best work, and we believe that AI and ML will play a key role in helping us achieve that vision,” says Vasile.

Heycollab has emerged as a popular choice and a market leader for businesses looking for broad collaboration and project management tools. With the advantages of all-embracing features, multi-industry utility, exceptional customer support, and reasonable pricing, GoodFirms’ researchers have identified Heycollab as one of the best project management software and the best collaboration software.

To know more about the offerings of the Heycollab system, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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