From Stagnation to Growth: An Agency’s Journey to Scalability

Creative27, a global digital agency known for its cutting-edge solutions, faced significant scalability challenges due to inefficient project management and collaboration practices. Their struggle was rooted in the use of a multitude of tools to manage different facets of their operations. For communication, they used Slack; Zoom was their go-to for video calls; ClickUp handled project and task management; Harvest was used for time tracking; and InVision coordinated feedback. This fragmented approach led to a complex and time-consuming workflow.

The over-reliance on multiple tools meant that Creative27‘s team spent more time managing their tools than actually working. Onboarding new employees became a nightmare as they had to learn various tools and understand what each one managed. This inefficiency in tracking down information severely impacted relationships with clients, making the entire system chaotic.

In search of a solution, Creative27 turned to Heycollab. This unified platform transformed their workflow by organizing all communication, team management, and project tasks in one place. Heycollab’s built-in messaging feature ensured all asynchronous communication happened within a single platform. Each workspace in Heycollab came with its own task and project management area, allowing teams to track projects together seamlessly.

Time tracking, a critical component of Creative27‘s operations, became effortless with Heycollab’s integrated solution. They could now see who was working on what and estimate project timelines accurately. Additionally, Heycollab’s video calling, call recording, and synchronous communication features meant that Creative27 no longer needed Zoom, further consolidating their tools.

Switching to Heycollab brought unprecedented clarity and efficiency to Creative27‘s workflow. They saved over 80% in costs by eliminating the need for Slack, Zoom, ClickUp, Harvest, and InVision. With everything in one place, training new employees became simpler, and the overall workflow was significantly streamlined. This investment in Heycollab was one of the best decisions Creative27 made as a digital agency, allowing them to focus on what they do best—creating innovative digital solutions.

Lessons Learned

  1. Unified Platforms Increase Efficiency


    When Creative27 transitioned from using multiple disparate tools to Heycollab, they experienced a significant boost in efficiency. Managing projects, communicating with team members, tracking time, and organizing files all from a single platform eliminated the need to switch between different applications. This not only saved time but also reduced the cognitive load on employees, allowing them to focus more on their core tasks. The centralized system streamlined workflows, making it easier to track project progress, collaborate in real-time, and maintain a clear overview of all ongoing activities. By having all essential functions integrated into one platform, teams could work more cohesively and respond to changes and challenges more swiftly.

  2. Cost Savings

    The financial impact of switching to Heycollab was substantial for Creative27. Prior to adopting Heycollab, the agency was paying for several premium tools: Slack for messaging, Zoom for video conferencing, ClickUp for task management, Harvest for time tracking, and InVision for feedback coordination. Each of these tools came with its own subscription costs, which added up significantly. By consolidating these functionalities into Heycollab, Creative27 not only reduced their subscription costs by over 80% but also minimized the administrative overhead associated with managing multiple vendor relationships and billing cycles. This cost-saving allowed the agency to reallocate resources to other critical areas, such as talent development and client services, further enhancing their competitive edge.

  3. Simplified Onboarding

    One of the major pain points for Creative27 was the complex onboarding process for new employees. With multiple tools in use, new hires had to learn the intricacies of each application and understand the fragmented workflow. This extended the onboarding time and delayed the integration of new team members into productive roles. After switching to Heycollab, the onboarding process became much more straightforward. New employees only needed to become familiar with a single platform, significantly reducing the learning curve. This not only accelerated the onboarding process but also made it easier for new hires to get up to speed and contribute to projects more quickly. The simplified onboarding process also improved employee satisfaction and retention, as new team members felt more confident and supported from the start.

  4. Enhanced Collaboration

    Collaboration is at the heart of any successful creative agency, and Creative27 was no exception. Before Heycollab, the team faced challenges in keeping everyone on the same page due to fragmented communication and project management tools. Miscommunication and delayed feedback were common issues, leading to inefficiencies and client dissatisfaction. Heycollab’s integrated approach to communication and project management transformed how the team collaborated. Real-time chat and video calling features allowed for instant communication, while task management and document sharing features ensured that everyone had access to the latest project updates and resources. This integration facilitated better coordination, faster decision-making, and a more cohesive team dynamic. The ability to create tasks from messages and provide visual comments on designs streamlined the feedback process, making collaboration more fluid and effective.

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