Education – Board

For educational purposes, this Heycollab Kanban board is a better alternative to physical boards that teachers nowadays use in classrooms. Here, teachers can create tasks with student’s names and place them in 3-individual columns: To Do, Doing and Done. Teachers can leave comments, grade student’s work, add file attachments and assign task to students.

Here’s a breakdown of each column and how they should be setup:

  1. Students To Do – Place tasks with students name in this columns that contains the work students need to do

  1. Students In Progress – As students start working on a task, they move that task into this column

  1. Students Finished – When students finished their task, they’ll move it to this column. This task is now ready to be reviewed by the teacher.

  1. Teacher’s Grade – Once teachers completed grading an assignment, they can move the tasks in this column

Alternatively you can use Heycollab to organize parent meetings, lesson planning, research projects, brainstorming sessions and in more creative ways.

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