Ditch Email, It’s Time to Try Heycollab

Many companies are still using e-mail as their primary means of communication. As companies grow and teams work remotely it becomes critical to maximize efficiency, clarity and bring a sense of harmony to our day to day collaboration.

With Heycollab, you can create 1 or multiple private or public workspaces that you can invite your team to. Here, your team is able to group message, assign tasks and get an overview of progress and work.

Let’s make this practical:

Say your company has a Marketing, Product Development, R&D and development departments. In Heycollab, you can create a workspace for each of those departments and then invite the right team-members in each workspace. Now your team may instant message, share files, comment on projects, plan work and assign tasks with ease.

It’s time to ditch your inbox and jump on Heycollab. Start your 60-days free trial today.

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