The All-In-One Design Project Management Platform


For small agencies and design teams, tools for messaging, project and task management, workflow and collaboration are more than a handy resource. A design project management platform is essential to keeping your team on top of work, communicating across and ensuring that you can deliver on your commitments to clients.

Simplifying your agency resources with a design project management platform

The challenge right now is that we need these tools, we’ve become so dependent on the increased productivity they offer, but there are now so many that juggling them all, managing communication happening in multiple places, is becoming just as time-consuming as it once was to do everything via email. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but in a world of hyper-efficiency, anything causing even the most minor of delays seems like stepping back into communication with carrier pigeons.

Technology is amazing. It has transformed our world, increased our capabilities and allows us to achieve things never before possible. But with our increased dependency comes an ever-mounting pile of “must have” tools, the use of which becomes increasingly less productive, the more we add to the mix.

Minimizing costs
If you use popular messaging tools for your team, no doubt you’re paying somewhere around $6.50-$12.50 per user, each month.In fact, end-user spending on public cloud services is estimated to reach $396 billion in 2021.

Then, of course, you need a project and task management tool, which is likely adding another $12.50 per user, each month. Then, many agencies will also require design project management platforms, adding another $99+ each month to your costs. That’s just the beginning for most. All of that, just for tools to help your team, basically, communicate and manage projects.

Until now it has been a necessity, thus a justifiable business cost. Created by a small agency, Heycollab was designed with the pain of agency operations in mind and intended explicitly to solve each problem; offering team messaging and collaboration on the one platform. Eliminating your need to pay multiple providers. Drastically reducing business costs, while still catering to all of your resource needs.

Design Project Management Efficiency
What happens when you’re switching between platforms to communicate in one and work in another? You’re losing information, you’re making it harder to track notes and comments, and you’re increasing your distractibility by having so many browsers and apps open.

Heycollab is an all-in-one resource, designed to cater to the needs of small agencies and remote teams; allowing you to create workspaces, send instant messages, create and allocate tasks, and collaborate on projects. All project activity and communication are actioned and tracked at the source. No more switching between platforms, losing valuable notes, and progress updates between tools. Heycollab helps you to improve efficiency by eliminating the arduous process of switching platforms, enabling more effective communication by adding comments and tasks directly to the project documents and notes, as well as allowing teams to communicate visually by uploading images or screenshots directly to documents.

Is your agency spending too much on tools and losing efficiency as a result of the never-ending switching? Register for your free trial of Heycollab today and see how we can help you to work. In harmony.

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