Design & Development of a Mobile App Board

Heycollab makes it easy to collaborate and manage the process and project of designing and development of a Mobile App. When collaborating with in Heycollab the following points are crucial:

• Entire team should be updated daily on the progress of work and know when things are due
• Entire team should be able to comment with each-other on pending tasks and receive updates
• The board should be able to provide an overview of timeline and process
• Entire team should be able to add new tasks
• Entire team should be able to see who is working on what and status of pending items

Here’s a screenshot of how this entire board should be setup:

Let’s say we’re working on a new mobile app. The goal is to Design the User Experience and Interface Design. The board should outline the entire process with itemized tasks that will lead us to completion.

Creative27, a Los Angeles based multi-award winning digital agency uses the following process:

1. Onboarding

2. User Experience Design

3. User Interface Design

4. Interactive Prototype

5. Development

6. Quality Assurance

Heycollab can help make your clients feel as if they’re part of the team. Streamline work today with Heycollab.

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