Cross Functional Collaboration Made Simple

Cross-team communication can be a challenge. Advertising agencies and design studios have a unique internal dynamic that not many others businesses experience.

If you work in a typical professional business, for example, let’s say an accounting firm, most everyone around you will be an accounting professional and then perhaps some administrative and business services staff to round out the operation. As a rule, they all speak a similar language when it comes to their work.

Ad agencies and design studios, on the other hand, are made up of multi-disciplinary teams; developers and designers, writers and visual creatives. Each of these skill-sets speaks different languages when it comes to their craft, then, somehow, they have to figure out a common language to help them work harmoniously to achieve a common goal in which each of their skills is required to complete a creative project.

Cross-Functional Collaboration with Heycollab

There have been many tools designed with communication in mind, but very few that understand the unique communication lapses that can occur in the ad agency or design studio environment. An environment where often ideas are visual and only offering written communication is a limitation in expressing them.

The designer and the developer
Let’s take these two unique individuals as an example. Both work in a visually creative way, whilst possessing very different skillsets. Communication for these individuals is enhanced when it becomes visual, rather than frustratingly trying to explain a design, in team communication tools, with words.

Heycollab allows team members to take a screengrab of a design and place it on top of an existing design. They can then click and input a message with it, right there on the project, task or document, so that the other team members can see precisely what they are talking about — enhancing communication beyond words and making it clearer and more impactful with visuals. There is no ambiguity about where the design belongs; it is uploaded as a comment precisely at the source.

Collaboration for cross-functionality teams
Heycollab was designed with agencies and design studios in mind. Heycollab’s features answer the prayers of every team who knows the pain of communicating with cross-discipline colleagues who speak different languages when it comes to their craft. By allowing visual communication to complement written communication, and letting team members link this communication to the place it is relevant, Heycollab helps teams to see a clearer vision of their shared goal and how they are progressing toward it, what the challenges are, and visually what their team members have in mind for it.

Agencies and design studios have long had the problem of working with individuals who communicate differently. To ensure cross-functional collaboration, Heycollab has designed a project management tool that allows everyone to collaborate and communicate in their own style; while enhancing efficiency and clear communication, rather than confusing and stifling it.

For a boost in your cross-disciplinary communication, register for a free trial of Heycollab and see what can happen when everyone in your team can communicate in their own style.

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