Creating Accountability in Your Remote Team as a Project Manager

Accountability in the workplace can be a very common challenge. Making sure that others are working hard to get their work done on time and in an efficient way without having to micromanage them is a very tough balancing act to conquer. When you add in the fact that so many teams throughout the world today are remote.

This means that you have got your work as a project manager well and truly cut out for you. Sticking to deadlines, gathering the needed updates, and staying on track are some of the hardest parts of project managing remote teams. So, how can you create accountability in remote teams?

How can you do your job as a project manager but still allow your remote team to execute their job? Follow all of these tips and tricks to learn how to create accountability in remote teams.

Use a Project Management Tool Like HeyCollab

Heycollab project management

Having a strong remote team software like this one will put everything into place. It will also help you keep your remote team accountable as a project manager. It is best to have all of your information in a project tool like HeyCollab.

HeyCollab is a platform that has been specifically designed to bring the best out of your project management tracking in both hybrid and remote workplaces. This all-in-one project management tool is designed for teams, freelancers, and founders. With HeyCollab, you can easily assign tasks, plan projects, and manage your resources.

You can also hold one-on-one chats. Better yet, say goodbye to limited storage space because with HeyCollab, you get access to unlimited file storage!

Set Clear and Understandable Expectations

Clear and understandable expectations can make the biggest difference when it comes to remote team project management. We always want to believe that teams rise to the occasion, and often, they will do just that. More often than not, they will fall to the level of their training.

That is why it is so important to you to train your team on how to be truly good remote employees. You will essentially be piggybacking on the idea of making it very easy to do the right thing by telling your team members far ahead of time what you actually expect of them when it comes to remote work practices.

There is nothing worse than expecting your staff to be mind-readers. Things should never be left for interpretation. You need to make it very clear and understandable that you do not expect them to be chained to their computers.

However, you do expect them to respond to chat messages and emails within a specific timeframe. Again, it is always about monitoring work output, not specific activity. Focusing on the former will always foster results.

Though, when project managing remote teams, when you only focus on activity, your staff will be left feeling distrusted, overwhelmed, smothered, and micromanaged.

Hire Accountable People

heycollab accountable peopleBuilding a true culture in your business that values accountability begins when you hire accountable people. While this may seem like a cop-out sort of answer, this is something that cannot be stressed enough. If you are hiring a remote team or have to suddenly adapt to remote work, then you need to have the right people from the very start.

Begin by seeking out people who have a track record of owning their mistakes, overcoming obstacles, and rarely need to be told what to do after they have been briefed. While it is wishful thinking to have an entire team of all-stars, you can get started by threading in the right people.

You want to find a team you don’t have to hold accountable or manage. You want to be able to challenge them when they need it. It all begins by hiring slower instead of jumping the gun and hiring the first person to apply.

Even if you find yourself in a bind, you need to slow down and make sure that the people you hire aren’t just seat fillers, but real contributors. You need to ensure that they will make your team a better place, not just make your team a fuller place.

Task Scheduling

Having a well-thought-out schedule can help to guide you when it comes to identifying what your priorities are. This way, you can spend the right amount of time on the right tasks. It will also remind you of any deadlines that are coming up.

By knowing this, you can block out all the time you need in order to meet these deadlines. Scheduling is a great help as it will aid you to think about what you are looking to achieve in a month, week, or day. It will also keep you on the right path to achieving your goals.

The Bottom Line

Finally, it is very important to take a deep breath. Remote work is new for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it is unproven or risky. Try your hardest to let go of trying to control everything and shift your focus to finding new opportunities. Slow down and take a proactive look to enjoy the experience completely.

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