Heycollab is a Seamless Client Relationship Management Platform

How increased visibility leads to stronger relationships
If you’re a design studio or advertising agency, clients are an essential part of your business. In many cases, clients feel like part of the team. Of all the technology and systems available to us today, it’s strange that very few think about the client as a team member, and not have proper client relationship management. There aren’t many platforms that allow you to give your client’s access. Letting them into the circle, allowing them to see the progress on their projects.

Remember all of the conversations you’ve had trying to explain the status of projects to your clients? Some always more interested than others in the details. What if you could give your clients tailored access to an all-in-one platform where they can be involved in the conversations as they’re happening? And also have a top-level view of the status and next steps? That would be powerful! Not just for productivity, but also for creating partnerships. Engaging clients more deeply in the process. Thus deepening their relationship with your agency or studio.

Heycollab values clients as team members
As a platform made by an agency, for agencies, our client relationship management platform understands that clients are an integral part of the process. They aren’t just the person paying to keep you in business. They are a partner.  Their input is essential to delivering great work together. For this very reason, Heycollab is designed to involve clients and manage client relationships.

Clients can be added in as team members, making them fully informed with full visibility. This transparency leads to:

Improved client collaboration
Client opinions and input are vital when delivering work for them. Offering a way for clients to participate in the process helps to reduce turn-around. It minimizes the phone tag to fill them in and ask for their thoughts. And it allows you to move through projects more efficiently with the confidence that everyone is on the same page. A constant challenge in the creative world.

Client Relationship Management
Transparency and involvement strengthen relationships. Giving clients access to view your progress and contribute in real-time, makes them feel more confident about the projects. It also makes them feel like part of the team. Clients that are treated as team members are more loyal. Visibility creates trust. Trust in an agency is far more powerful to clients than better pricing. Heycollab helps you to intensify your relationships and turn your clients into team members.

Heycollab is an all-in-one platform for your messaging and collaboration needs. Workspaces allow you to set up projects and add your team. From the Workspace, you can create message streams. Add tasks to the project board. And review all media in the Mediahub.  All comments can be added directly to shared files, allowing feedback to stay at the source. Keeping it easy to track and easy to input.

To create stronger client relationships and improve the collaboration across your team, internal and external, sign up to Heycollab. Register for a free trial to see how Heycollab can change your business.

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