Client Collaboration Board

Heycollab makes it easy to collaborate with clients and manage projects via the Task-boards section. Clients will instantly know which items the team is working on, status of pending issues, and when work will be completed.

Here’s a screenshot of how we recommend you setup your board in Heycollab:

We recommend creating the following columns:
1. Status Updates – This is where your client discussion points, feedback and urgent matters would go

2. Open – All open items reside here. When the team is workin on a task, it can be moved to the next column, In Progress

3. In Progress – All tasks the team is currently working on should be placed in this column

4. Done – Tasks that are completed should go in this column. Client now may review them. If additional work is required on any of the tasks, client may move this task to In Progress.

5. Future – Items that are planed for a future release may be placed in this column and then moved to any of the other columns as they’re being worked on.

Beyond managing projects, Heycollab allows you to add feedback to images for instant project collaboration and comes with team-messaging included. Start your free trial today.

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