Clarity in Communication

We live in an era of communication. You can travel the world and communicate instantly with family, friends, and colleagues back home. Internet connectivity across the world has improved, (almost) every cafe these days has WIFI and the abilities of our technology, as well as our range of options, are increasing by the day. So why are we still struggling to have clarity in communication?

Firstly, we are juggling too many platforms. Nothing is streamlined and messages get lost and translated incorrectly. Secondly, we don’t have control over how others understand what we’re trying to convey. We do not all interpret information in the same way, so even the most thorough email or meeting will not always translate as desired.

So, how can we ensure clarity in communication?

Applying notes at the source – not in some email chain
It’s not surprising that 26% of employees think email is a major productivity killer. We completely agree. Email serves a purpose, but as technology has evolved, email has dropped down the ladder as the best communication tool in the office. If you work within a team delivering projects for clients, with more than two people working on different pieces of this project, email is going to get messy, very quickly.

Rather than dealing with lengthy email chains or various messaging and collaboration platforms, Heycollab allows you to apply notes directly onto documents, at the source, so there can be no misunderstanding about what you’re talking about and what this information applies to.

Visually communicating what words fail to describe for clarity in communication
Until now, communication has been verbal or written. Two forms that can be tough when you’re a visual creative having a conversation about various designs and trying to verbally show someone what you’re doing or what you need from them. Applying words to visual tasks is an easy way to get off track quickly.

Thankfully, with Heycollab team members can take a screengrab of a design and place it on top of an existing design. They can then click and input a message with it, right there on the project, task or document, so that the other team members can see precisely what they are talking about – enhancing communication beyond words and making it clearer and more impactful with visuals. There is no ambiguity about where the design belongs; it is uploaded as a comment precisely at the source.

Assigning tasks from meeting action points
A staggering 46% percent of people rarely or never leave a meeting knowing what they’re supposed to do next. That is an unacceptable amount. By these figures, it is scary to think of what is missed and how much unnecessary time would be spent chasing people only for them to explain that they didn’t realize what their action points were.

Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping that your staff has walked away with their own list of actions to be completed, put it into Heycollab. You can create tasks, assign team members, set due dates, set task labels, and keep track of to-dos. Giving you the ability to track all assigned tasks and instantly see who’s working on what. No more misunderstandings or miscommunication in meetings.

Help bring clarity to your team’s communication, and get Heycollab. Register for a free trial today.

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