Heycollab Helps You Build an Effective Team

We are more connected than ever, yet, with so many communication tools permeating our lives and our work, it seems like we are becoming less and less effective at communicating. We feel busy just from the thought of everything we have to remember to keep on top of. Businesses are regularly adding new systems, one more thing for staff to wrap their head around and one more platform to remember to check each day.

Highly built effective teams begin with the entire team, whether staff, clients or a third party, on the same page. You can’t move deadlines due to out of sync teams. Mastering communication is a must.

Build an effective team collaboration via our tailor-made tools

Heycollab helps your team to work in harmony. The platform is designed to increase efficiency and streamline the collaboration process by providing you the tools you need to get more done; team messaging, task boards, and design feedback, all integrated into one easy-to-use app. Eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems, allowing you, your staff and your clients to stay on the same page with just one simple tool.

When you build a highly effective team, start with seamless communication and collaboration.

Team messaging
Group conversations are organized in workspaces, which you can make public or private. Workspaces can be created for clients, projects, departments, or internal social activities and events to encourage staff morale. In each of these workspaces, you can create tasks right in your message window. These can then be assigned to team members, scheduled to set due dates, labeled and added to to-do lists for the most efficient management of tasks and conversations.

Task Boards
Scheduling is key to optimal organization. Task Boards give you a high-level overview of everything going on across your workspaces, including your tasks and to-do lists, as well as the tasks and to-do lists that are public to each project. From here you can view, organize, edit, prioritize and add new tasks, as well as manage your to-do lists and quickly understand the status of your team’s’ activities. Task boards make team meetings more efficient by allowing you to come up to speed in a matter of moments, with just a quick glance at the Task Boards.

Design feedback
Submitting and tracking feedback amongst teams can be difficult. The most effective way to track feedback is to apply it directly to the source. Heycollab makes this usually complicated process, unbelievably simple. You, your team or your clients, can add comments directly to shared files, allowing you to have clear, real-time collaboration. No more time wasted searching for feedback in messaging systems and emails.

Heycollab is a messaging and collaboration app built for teams. It is designed to help everyone, in the office or remote, to work better. With Heycollab, you get everything in one place — instant messaging, task boards and design feedback, all in a simple, easy-to-use layout — so your team doesn’t miss a beat. Sign up for your free trial today.

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