Agency Board

As an agency, design studio or established freelancer finding a way to effectively manage all your internal projects is crucial. With Heycollab, managing all of your internal and external projects is a breeze using the task-boards in collaboration with the messaging sections in Heycollab. Here’s how we recommend you setup your board in Heycollab:

Creative27, a multi-award winning App design and development agency in Los Angeles uses this methodology to handle all of their internal work:

1. Backlog – includes all of the work the need to be dealt with that’s uncompleted or not started

2. In Progress – includes work the team is now working on

3. Review – work that’s been completed or partially done that requires explanation

4. Complete – work that’s been completed

Beyond managing projects, Heycollab allows you to add feedback to images for instant project collaboration and comes with team-messaging included. Start your free trial today.

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