6 Reasons To Switch from Slack, Trello, and Asana

In an effort to address the headaches and inefficiencies of project management and team messaging, dozens of different apps and platforms have been created. But, despite their best efforts, very few actually solve much of anything. While certain problems might be addressed, like creating tasks, others, such as messaging, are left to fend for themselves. As a result, most teams find it necessary to use a handful of different tools each and every day just to get the job done. So why would you switch from Slack, Trello, and Asana?

And, when productivity is everything, it’s easy to see why coping with the current state of technological affairs is less than ideal.

When it comes to team management, everyone needs to be on the same page – which is so much easier if the same page is in the same place for everyone!

6 Reasons To Switch from Slack, Trello, and Asana From our experience, there are a few must-have principles that need to be working in order to create effective team management:

• Prevent misunderstandings
• Avoid misconceptions
• Side-step ambiguities
• Always be talking
• Make taking action easy

When these principles are alive and well, teams have what they need to collaborate effectively and, therefore, be efficient. But, if these principles aren’t given the attention they need (meaning the infrastructure needed to support them is outdated, inefficient, or non-existent), then the business as a whole suffers.

Here’s what’s happening with most of the popular project management tools currently on the market…

Whether you use Basecamp or Asana, Trello or Slack, you’ll be suffering from one major problem: They don’t address all of your needs. Asana, for example, can make assigning and sharing simple tasks easy, but it doesn’t have the depth to cover details, especially visual ones, like Trello. And, none of the project management tools have the team messaging capabilities like Slack, which is why so many teams end up using at least two tools in their day-to-day tasks.

Not only does this separation lend itself to important information (or important people) getting left out of the loop, but it creates a disjoint in communication – and shoots collaboration in the foot.

Thankfully, there is (finally) a better solution: Heycollab.

Not only does Heycollab bring everything you need together, but it does it so seamlessly that it makes even completely virtual teams feel in-sync.

Here are six reasons why making the switch to Heycollab is a fantastic business decision.

1. Declutter your inbox.
When you rely on a variety of project management and team messaging tools to get your work done, then you end up having to keep your eye on your inbox – all the time. And, when your inbox becomes your project management hub, then your efficiency immediately takes a hit. Each time you go to your inbox you are inundated with things to add to your to-do list, distracting you from the task on hand and making it easy to get off deadline. Because Heycollab keeps you and your team in one place, you don’t have to make detours to your inbox just to make sure you’re not missing something important.

2. Make growth easy.
Every time a new member joins your team, you need to take time to officially onboard them, primarily introducing them to the systems you use. When you use several different tools, this task of bringing on new team members becomes daunting – for everyone involved. With Heycollab, you have one easy-to-use project management tool to introduce. And, as your team gets bigger, that one place is a lot easier to track and manage.

3. Allow for individual needs.
While compromise is part of being a team, there’s no need to make everyone adhere to something only because it’s believed to be the only viable option. When you use Heycollab for your project management system, you allow managers and team members to create a unique space that’s all their own. This encourages even more productivity because it allows people to work in the way that best suits their needs.

4. Provide straightforward collaboration.
When people on your team know where to go to find what they need, you already get a leg-up on encouraging collaboration. The goal at Heycollab is to make it easy for your team to comment, share and find what they’re looking for so that they can work together to get the job done right – and on time.

5. Enjoy complete transparency (and privacy).
Heycollab understands what you and your team need to work as effectively as possible. That’s why we’ve made our team messaging feature capable of being both public and private. These separate workspaces allow the projects and conversations you need to be transparent to be just that. (And, those that you need or want to be kept private to be just that, too.) In the public workspaces, everyone on the team can see which part of the project is being worked on, who’s working on it, and when it’s going to be completed. This type of transparency also breeds accountability, making your team even more effective.

6. Keep the project in the spotlight.
When multiple apps or platforms are used within a team, the project itself can get pushed to the side. And, when the team is ready to work on a project-related task, having to navigate multiple messaging boards can make it nearly impossible to tell which comment goes to which project. This type of less than ideal communication eats away your time, making your team less productive and efficient. Understanding the gravity of this problem, Heycollab innovated to solve it, coming up with the first-ever combined messaging platform that is directly tied to projects. For visual-based teams, such as designers and developers, this feature saves time and misunderstandings. Our integrated Media Hub works directly with our platform to give you a direct connection to all of Heycollab’s features. For example, you can apply notes directly onto documents so there are zero miscommunications.

Several steps ahead of the competition, Heycollab has even more innovations to release in 2019 and beyond, including an expanded media hub that allows for project-based communication across multiple workspaces. So, while any team can benefit from Heycollab’s features, it is becoming the obvious choice for multi-disciplinary teams, especially those that depend on visual content and deliverables, such as developers, designers, artists, writers, and other visual creatives.

By making collaboration easy, we give your team the tools it needs to excel at what you do. From reviewing feedback to assigning tasks and messaging your team, Heycollab puts it all in one place so that nothing gets lost in the details. The real solution to streamlined efficiency, the Heycollab Workspace is the best project management tool for teams that understand the power of a team that works well together.

And, while other project management tools may claim to have it all, we know that they don’t. Only Heycollab has the features you need to create real at-work harmony, the kind that keeps your team members happy, productive, and coming back day after day. Easy to integrate into your current system, Heycollab can replace every app or platform you currently use, delivering a breath of fresh air to your team – and your clients.

Stop juggling and start winning with the help of Heycollab, the award-winning team messaging and collaboration app you and everyone on your team has been looking for.

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