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Workspaces Collaboration tab – Team messaging 3.0

May 12, 2018

Workspaces are the cornerstone of the Vabotu platform. A workspace in Vabotu is where instant messaging, tasks and collaboration happens. Workspaces are organized by three tabs hosted at the top of the screen; Collaboration, Boards, and Media.

The Collaboration page is where instant messaging happens. From another screen, you can access this page by clicking the Collaboration tab at the top of the screen.

From here, on the right hand side, you will have all of the Workspaces you are part of. These are broken into:

  • Preferred Workspaces
  • Private Workspaces

Let’s explore these in more detail.

My Workspace
Vabotu exists to make your life easier. We do this by keeping everything on the one platform, reducing your need to switch and lose track of information. The My Workspace section is your private space to add notes, images, and reminders that only you need.

Preferred Workspaces
The Preferred Workspaces are Workspaces that you have selected as your favorites. Perhaps they’re workspaces you most commonly use or the most prominent project you have on currently. You can add a Workspace to your Preferred Workspaces list by clicking on the heart icon in the top right hand side of a Workspace.

Public Workspaces
Public Workspaces can be accessed by anyone in the company using the Vabotu platform. This section will list all of the Public Workspaces that you are part of. Also, from this section, you can add your own Public Workspaces.  Or you can search for other Public Workspaces to join.

Private Workspaces
The Private Workspaces section houses all of your private team chats or one-on-one private chats. When you create a Workspace, you can select Private or Public. Anyone in the Private Workspace will need to be invited, and it will not be visible to those searching the Workspaces from the Public Workspaces section.

The Collaboration section of your Workspaces is all about messaging. The Vabotu messaging feature has loads of capabilities to make your communication seamless, such as:

  • The ability to upload up to 10 images. More than other messaging platforms
  • Formatting shortcuts – Bold, Italics and hyperlinking
  • The ability to quickly add team members from the same page
  • Team members can be found easily in the search bar which can see anyone in the company on the Vabotu platform

Collaboration is one-third of the Vabotu Workspace equation. Next, you can learn about how Boards  allow for smooth project and task management, and how the MediaHub helps with efficient communication.

Register for a free trial to see how Vabotu can help your team to: Work. In harmony.

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