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Workspaces Boards tab – Project and task management 3.0

June 15, 2018

Workspaces are the cornerstone of the Vabotu platform. A workspace in Vabotu is where instant messaging, tasks and collaboration happens. Workspaces are organized by three tabs hosted at the top of the screen; Collaboration, Boards, and Media.

Boards are your teams easy to use project and task management solution on the Vabotu platform.

Say you want a high-level view of everything that’s going on in your Workspace(s). On the Vabotu platform, you can click on the Boards tab, and it will show you all the to-dos across the selected Workspace. Your tasks, as well as the rest of the teams. Within this section you can easily organize, edit, prioritize and add new tasks.

Boards to boost your workflow

Create Boards with multiple Cards and Tasks for each workspace
Every project is made up of many small actions. Not all pieces of the project need to involve every person on the team. For this reason, Vabotu allows you to set up Boards with multiple Cards & Tasks for each Workspace. You could have a Card to track design tasks, a Card to track content tasks, and a Card to track development tasks.

Add tasks
Tasks make up the individual pieces to bring a project through to completion. Members of the Workspace can add tasks to the Board. These tasks can be for themselves, or team members can add tasks for colleagues to complete.

Move tasks through stages
Visual progress tracking helps to assess the status of your teams’ activities quickly. You can customize stages on the Vabotu Boards and move tasks into the relevant stages. This helps to track the progress of the project as staff members are actioning tasks.

Create subtasks
Within the tasks, members can create subtasks to break down the activities further. As well as more thoroughly outline what is involved in each task.

Set dates for tasks to be actioned
Within the tasks, members can select the date which the task will be due for completion. This allows the team to easily see the project status and when it is expected to be completed.

Add labels
Labels allow you to categorize better and manage tasks. Vabotu allows you to add labels to each task to help you better manage your tasks.

Add notes
Within each task, members can add notes. These may be for their own reference or to alert other members of something.

Add images
Visual communication is a unique Vabotu feature that allows creative teams to communicate more efficiently. Speaking their own creative language. Images you can be added to any task.

Do @mentions to team members
If you have questions or notes for team members, you can simply do an @mention to their Vabotu handle to notify them that you need them to review this.

Customizable background
Every project is unique. Vabotu allows you to customize the background of your Workspace Boards to personalize it to the look and feel of your project.

Next, learn about how Collaboration  allows for easy instant messaging, and how the MediaHub helps with efficient communication.

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