Learn how you can increase your
productivity with Vabotu.

Communication is the key to success, and your team deserves a powerful team collaboration tool. Vabotu is the top team messaging and project coordination platform. No per-user fees.

Vabotu isn’t just a Slack alternative.

Vabotu is a powerful solution that will help you:

  • manage projects and tasks
  • share visual feedback
  • stay in touch with your team

Managing work and teams has never been easier. Forget about wasting productivity and switching tabs.

Vabotu is a one-stop shop for all your team communication needs!

What Makes Vabotu the Best Team Collaboration Tool?

1. Vabotu Offers More than Slack – for Less

Slack only takes care of team messaging. If you want more features, you’ll need to rely on third-party integrations and, often, upgrade to more expensive plans.

At Vabotu, we know that you want to focus on work, not on building an app stack that costs more than it earns.

Vabotu gives you absolutely everything you need to effectively manage your team at a fraction of the cost:

  • Messaging and real-time communication
  • Task and project management
  • Collaboration
  • Online file hub

Choose a complete solution.
Choose Vabotu.

2. One Price, All the Features

You don’t need a calculator to figure out how much Vabotu is going to cost your team.

With 3 easily understandable plans, Vabotu will help you maximize your team’s efficiency. Conversely, Slack makes you pay for each user.

And if you want extra features, your team will need to pay for both Slack and each additional tool. Costs add up, and so does the time you need to spend switching between tabs.

Forget about app stacks. Use Vabotu and increase your team’s productivity:

  • Free plan for up to 10 users: Messaging, task boards, virtual workspaces, 5GB online storage
  • Studio plan for up to 30 users – $29.99/month: Messaging, task boards, 100GB online storage, workspaces, premium support
  • Agency plan for up to 75 users – $59.99/month: Messaging, task boards, 1TB online storage, workspaces, premium support
  • Need to onboard more users? Get in touch regarding our unlimited Enterprise plan that comes with a dedicated Account Manager.

Ditch the stack. Choose one tool to rule them all.

3. Top Team Messaging Platform

We know your team needs knowledge to successfully complete their tasks. That’s why we’ve made it really easy to share files, feedback, and details with your team in Vabotu.

Add your files to your Media Hub (or connect your account with Dropbox/Google Drive), add your notes to files, and send them through the messaging app or attach them directly to task cards.

Don’t settle for jumping through hoops with Slack. With Vabotu’s team messaging, you can:

  • Communicate through private, public, and 1-on-1 channels
  • Add up to 10 (annotated) files to each message
  • Search and filter messages to find the information you need
  • Review your assigned tasks directly within the messaging app
  • Stay in sync on the go with mobile apps for iOS and Android

Supercharge your communication with Vabotu

4. Manage Tasks and Projects

Improve your productivity by taking your communication to the next level. Vabotu works great for real-time communication, but it has even more powerful assets up its sleeve.

Set up your projects and tasks in just a few minutes in your Vabotu task board, add responsibilities, details, sub-tasks, and much more – all without bouncing from one app to another!

Make all your projects a resounding success:

  • Add tasks to Kanban-style boards
  • Add sub-tasks, details, labels, files, and more
  • Delegate responsibilities and identify priorities
  • Understand how your team is performing

Stay in the loop with Vabotu task management

5. Smarter Collaboration

Leverage the power of visual feedback to effectively collaborate with your team.

If you’re using Slack for team collaboration, you’re missing out (or paying for extra tools). Vabotu comes pre-packed with collaboration features that you’d normally have to pay for separately.

With Vabotu, you’ll be able to give and receive feedback in all apps, from the team chat to the Media Hub. Your team will no longer have to send messages back and forth to find the right documents.

Your files are all where you want them: in your Media Hub.

Stay in the loop by updating task cards with files and comments. And if you need to discuss details, just switch to the team chat, attach the files with comments, and brainstorm your way to success!
Vabotu simplifies team collaboration:

  • Add comments directly to designs
  • Discuss feedback in depth
  • Add up to 10 files to each message
  • Keep everyone in the loop by attaching files directly to tasks
  • Stay in sync on the go with mobile apps for iOS and Android

Information where you need it

6. No Learning Curve

Your team doesn’t have to spend weeks learning how to use Vabotu. Forget about training your team so they could use several tools, all of which come with their quirks and costs. Instead, they can use Vabotu’s training resources. And because the tool is so intuitive, it adapts to your existing workflow.

Even the team members who are wary of changes will love how easily they get their work done with Vabotu!

Our tool was made to increase user adoption:

  • Team chat is simpler than Slack’s, while offering robust functionalities.
  • Anyone who has ever used an online file storage will love our Media Hub.
  • You don’t have to be a professional project manager to manage tasks and improve your performance.

All it takes is a click.

Vabotu is the one-stop shop you’ve been looking for. Upgrade from Slack and other complicated tools in your stack.

Centralize your team communication, and watch your productivity levels skyrocket! Sign up for your free Vabotu plan.