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Vabotu Streamline Process – Streamlining made easy

June 06, 2018

What’s the hardest state to achieve in creative work and a must in every streamline process? Most people would say flow or something of the sort; that state when everything is smoothly moving from one step to the next, fitting together seamlessly. When you’re focussed, and the work is pouring out effortlessly.

Achieving that state of flow is like designing a meal for which no one has the same recipe. Finding flow is different for everyone. Some people require specific music; others need a clean desk and a clean inbox. While no one can give a one-size-fits-all recipe for finding your flow, there are certainly ways in which you can set up your day to provide you with the best chance of achieving this state.

Improving your Streamline Process
What is the biggest killer of flow? Distraction, going too far off track when needing to check information, or interruptions from colleagues. Most of these things are accepted as part of work life, and we buffer our day to cater to the lost productivity. Thankfully, this is no longer an inconvenience that has to be welcomed with a proper streamline process. There is a way to streamline your activities and your interaction with your team members to ensure that you glide through your work, with minimal distractions, reduced time search for information and fewer interruptions from colleagues. Here’s how:

Decreasing distractions
One of the biggest causes of disturbances at work is your computer; ironic considering that it is also one of the primary tools most of us use to get our work done. But when we are researching or needing to move too many times from the platform in which we are completing our work, this gives temptation to pull up new websites or check your phone; you’ve already broken away from your flow state, from your streamline process. With Vabotu, all of your messaging, collaboration and design feedback happens on the one platform. This drastically reduces your need to switch screens and helps you to stay in flow for longer.

Easier access to information in a streamlined process
Finding information on a project can be a nightmare when you are using one system to chat about the project, a project management platform to track the status of the project and other platforms for various other functions. This makes the question: “where did I put that?” all the more difficult to answer while wasting much of your time going through each platform looking for the information you require. Vabotu eliminates this hassle by allowing you to message, collaborate, track tasks and give feedback all on the one platform, all at the source of the project.

Fewer interruptions from colleagues
With Vabotu’s Workspace, colleagues can clearly see the tasks in the groups project and quickly find out what you have and have not done. They can also add comments and tasks directly into the workspace. This reduces the need for colleagues to email or message checking where you’re at with a task and any new information they wish to add can go directly into the system, rather than them needing to message you, distracting you from your current task to update you on another.

Vabotu helps you to move projects along faster and streamline your processes, with all you need in the one place. Sign up for your free trial today.

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