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Creating harmonious online teams work with Vabotu

July 19, 2018

There is no greater feeling than harmony in the workplace. For internal and remote staff, business leaders, and clients, workplace harmony creates happy, connected people, awe-inspiring work, and leaves customers feeling satisfied and understood.

When this feel-good state of flow is in full swing your business and your workflow can seem untouchable; you have everyone on the same page, moving at a steady and smooth pace in the same direction. You achieve amazing things and fulfill client requests with seemingly effortless ease.

The opposite is true when you and your team are not in harmony. You have miscommunication, misunderstandings, unhappy staff, unhappy leaders, and unhappy clients. It feels like nothing is going in the right direction, and even the most straightforward task can seem like a giant hurdle with the odds stacked against you.

Harmony in Online Team Work
For most businesses, determining how to achieve harmony is like answering what the meaning of life is. Many factors come into the creation of harmony in a workplace, but thankfully, it is now easier than ever to create the foundations for harmonious flow.

Start with the foundations
Harmony starts with effective communication. Simply having a great culture encouraging communication does not ensure that your business is set up to facilitate this. Particularly if you are part of a small agency or remote team where every person’s piece of the project is essential to a successful result. To make things more difficult, many small agencies work with a team who are in different time zones, or you work with a pool of offsite freelancers or remote workers.

Thankfully it is now easier than ever to build the foundations to encourage harmony in online team work and in your business.

Vabotu is an all in one resource, explicitly designed to cater to the needs of small agencies and remote teams. The online team work platform wraps multiple productivity tools into one; allowing you to create workspaces where you can send instant messages, create and allocate tasks, and collaborate on projects.

Team members can comment directly on tasks and documents in the one place. You can print screen design ideas and add it as a note directly onto the document. All project activity and communication is actioned and tracked at the source. No more switching between platforms, losing valuable notes and progress updates in all of the kerfuffle.

What’s more, for remote teams working across multiple time zones, Vabotu shows where your team members are based and if they are currently online or offline. This visibility saves you time fishing for their time zone or sending harassing messages to see if they are available. Vabotu allows you to send them reminders, ready to be viewed and actioned when they are back at work; minimizing the time that would otherwise be lost if you miss them when online.

To set up the foundations for perpetual harmony in your business, register your team for Vabotu’s free trial and see just how simple, seamless interaction can look within your team. Vabotu equals: Work. In Harmony.

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