New: Activity Panel

We are excited to share a brand new feature in Vabotu: the Activity panel. 

The Activity panel is a one-stop place to view, respond and prioritize your personalized notifications

With the Activity panel, you no longer need to switch between workspaces to see your messages and tasks. You can respond to your messages, view your tasks and task-comments directly within the Activity Panel. 

Vabotu Activity Panel

Ever planned your tasks in the boards view and received a new notification? Now, with the Activity panel, you don’t have to switch workspaces or leave the board you are working on. You can have the Activity panel open, next to your board and respond/view/prioritize with ease.

Let’s take a look at the new Activity Panel:

  • Activity Glances

The activity Glances (in the main left workspaces panel) gives you a quick overview on new tasks and messages notifications. Notifications include tasks, task comments and messages from workspaces that you are a part of.

  • Activity Panel 

Click on the activity glances menu to bring up the Activity Panel. This panel will come up on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Activity Menu:

Delete all Notifications.
Clicking the trash icon will delete all the notifications in the activity panel. Note: this will not delete the actual messages and tasks but simply clear them out of your activity panel.

Do not disturb.
Clicking this icon will mute all notifications.

Mark as Read.
Clicking this icon will mark all new/unread notifications as read.

  • New notifications tabs: All, Tasks & Messages

The numbers across All, Tasks and Messages represent how many new/unread notifications you currently have. You may toggle between All, Tasks and Messages to view specific notifications.

  • New Message notification.

1. Workspace Name
Starting from the top left “Client Project” in blue represents the name of the Workspace where this message is coming from. You may click this to go to this workspace

2. Time Stamp
To the right you’ll see “Today @12:15 PM” this is the date/time when the message was sent.

3. Red Dot Notification
The red dot next to the message on the left hand side represents new messages or tasks that have not been seen as of yet.

4. Message Icon
The message icon indicates that this is a message. Task icon indicates that this is a task notification. 

5. Reactions
You may respond to with a reaction to a message received.

6. Reply
The reply icon in the bottom right hand corner will allow you to quickly reply to a message directly within the Notifications Panel.

  • New Task Notifications

1. Task Icon & Profile Pic
Task notifications are identifiable by the task icon. You may click on a task to bring up the task-details screen.

The profile pic, next to the task represents the person who assigned the task to you.

2. Task Comment
You will be able to see comments posted on a task if you are tagged on that comment.

3. Favorite Task and More Menu
You can easily set a task as favorite or click the 3-dot menu for additional options.