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Introducing Vabotu’s Media Hub

April 26, 2018

We are becoming known for a lot of firsts. We are the first to combine messaging, collaboration and design feedback in the same simple to use platform. We are the first to introduce visual communication and messaging at the source of a project, rather than in a separate messaging window. And we are the first to have an integrated Media Hub on the platform, connected to all your other favorite features.

Vabotu’s Media Hub hosts all of the files shared or uploaded within a workspace. From here you can review this media, add comments, assign tasks or notes to another person, or share with your team. All activities done within the Media Hub links back to the project that the media is assigned to, reducing your need for other systems and making Vabotu the most efficient and thorough communication and collaboration system available for the creative industry.

Applying notes at the source helps with information tracking
As we discussed in “the importance of clarity in communication” messaging and emailing gets messy quickly when trying to track conversations about projects. If you work within a team delivering projects for clients, with more than two people working on different pieces of this project, you need a more effective system for keeping everything together. From the Media Hub, Vabotu allows you to apply notes directly onto documents, at the source, so there can be no misunderstanding about what you’re communicating, no lost notes and no ambiguity about what is required from your colleagues.

Effective cross-team communication
Ad agencies and design studios are made up of multi-disciplinary teams; developers and designers, writers and visual creatives. Each of these skill-sets speaks different languages when it comes to their craft. The ability to be able to upload media, all media at the source of the project allows these cross-disciplinary teams to communicate with clarity more effectively.

Collaboration made easy
One of the most significant challenges for collaboration amongst teams, until now, has been employing systems that make collaboration easy to do and to track. Reviewing all feedback is challenging when it’s not at the source. Vabotu eliminates this problem and makes team collaboration streamlined. From the Media Hub you can review all media attached to projects, add comments, assign tasks to others, and share documents or notes, all from the one place, all connected to your project so that all of this activity is tracked and easily accessible from within the Workspace.

Vabotu helps your team to work in harmony. The platform is designed to increase efficiency and streamline the collaboration process by providing you the tools you need to get more done; team messaging, task boards, and design feedback, all integrated into one easy to use app. Eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems, allowing you, your staff and your clients to stay on the same page.

Vabotu is an award-winning team messaging and collaboration app designed to help everyone: Work. In harmony. Register for your free trial today.

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